Top 3 Reasons To Visit Chile If You Are A Camera Addict


*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. 

Chile is not the most popular country in terms of tourism industry in South America. A lengthy piece of land along the Pacific Ocean coastline, Chile has a lot of offer if you have an eye for detail and you love things out of the ordinary. So pack your travel essentials, your best camera,  your charger and discover where to take the best pictures in Chile. 

Santiago, The Place To Take Street Photos To Die For
Santiago is the capital of Chile and, as its largest town, it is always full of life and activities. It is impossible for you to get bored in Santiago, even if you are on your own. Capital since the colonial times in the 16th century, Santiago de Chile combines happily modern architecture and major buildings of the colonization, such as churches. 

Colourful shops and modern economic centres cohabit in all simplicity, which guarantees best results for your street photography exploration.

The Cementerio Municipal in Punta Arenas, Where Death Has No Right

Open all day, the cementerio municipal offers colourful and lively scenes for your photos. You will find in there grey and humble graves that are a testimony of a hard existence of labour, and exuberant flashy graves that seem to have walked out of a Dali painting. 

There, death loses its power, and life has taken over, adding dashes of color and fantasy in every corner of the cemetery. You will be remembered of the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico, except that every day explodes with fun in the cementerio! 

*Punta Arenas by Trepan, Source: Flickr

The Atacama Desert, A Dream For Landscape Photographers

When one defines a desert as a place that receives less than 250mm of rain in a year, the Atacama Desert beats all the records with less than 1mm per year. This is the driest hot desert in the planet and also the most mesmerizing too. At 2,000 meters above sea level, the almost lunar landscape of salt lakes, sand and lava is like a sci-fi dream for all photographers. 

The sky is always clear, and the absence of light pollution means that you will take the pictures of a lifetime in a matter of clicks. However its natural dryness can make it uncomfortable for certain travelers suffering from breathing difficulties or light sensitivity. Make sure you pack your best sunglasses and hat when visiting this unbelievable place. 

Atacama, Chile

Important Pieces Of Advice

There have been recent cases of measles in Chile, so it’s important that you check with a doctor what level of vaccination you need for your travel. You can find a handy guideline online that explains the necessary travel vaccinations for Chile, however it is recommended that you inform your doctor of your travel as early as possible.  

Additionally, when traveling to Chile, you will need to pack a phrasebook in your bag, as not everyone speaks English. You can even find support and guide to learn a few emergency phrases in perfect Chile-Spanish online. 

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