Top 12 Blissful Instagram Photos for 2016 And The Stories Behind

Creating a photoblog comes with so much expectations. Perhaps from myself, and I guess from others as well. Sometimes I tend to think that because I have a photoblog, people expect that I have amazing or the best photos. I try to follow that path but I'm not always successful. After all, I'm a human. Sometimes, I get impatient when taking photos too. ;)

To tell you honestly, writing is really my first love. Photography just comes next. I started writing on my journal at an early age; as early as 7 years old. I can no longer count how many journals I've kept to this day. This is why even though my writing skill isn't perfect, it's probably the only skill I'm very confident of.

I've only recently loved photography. When I say recent, it started back in college when I took Photography class for one semester without my own camera. I was never good at it even though I surprisingly won a contest. I told myself back then - there's nothing wrong with trying something you're not very good at. So I ventured into photography discreetly.

When I mustered enough courage, I eventually created a blog called Blissful Snapshots to showcase whatever photos I created even when they're not totally the best. Again, I was bound by the thinking that I can only get better with practice.

And I figured that if I cared too much about what others would think about my photos, I wouldn't be able to improve myself and my skill. Yes, I do care about what people think but I don't want it to come to a point when I only do photography to impress people instead of to learn more, inspire, and discover.

*One of my earliest attempts. 

One of the best things about photography though is that the learning is continuous. You just never stop because there's always something new to learn and discover. That's how I feel everyday. 

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." - T.S. Elliot

Aside from my blog, one of the few platforms I use to share my photos is the ever-famous Instagram. I only started Instagram for my blog this year. I had a personal account for a few years now but I decided to create another one for my blog so I could explore my creative side (whatever creativity I have). I'm growing my account organically and don't care too much about likes and comments for now but I'm always thrilled when my photos get many hearts and engagement. 

The politics of Instagram is very tricky. With the emergence of bots and the like, it's easy to gain a gazillion followers and likes. But really, my focus is to share my photos (also for my viewing pleasure) and be creative with showcasing them. I try to stick to a theme as much as possible, lol. Sometimes though, I just feel a little stubborn and try not to obsess about the theme anymore. 

When I feel OC again, I delete photos that aren't in sync with my theme anymore. Haha! Sucks to be me? Anyway, I've babbled too much now when the real meat of this blog post is to show the Top 12 Instagram photos I have this year based on likes and the stories behind them. As I said, I don't receive hundreds of likes all the time so I chose those that have a little more than 100 likes. 

Here they are. 

Exhibit A

[Photo 1] The photo was taken at Conrad Manila a day after Vivo Mobile's Grand Launch. We had to check out from Nobu Hotel at 12 noon but our flight was still at 6:30 PM so we just walked around Mall of Asia while waiting. 

[Photo 2] Even though I claim to be a light traveler, most of the time I still overpack my stuff. Not good. For an overnight stay in Manila, I think my Love Pink weekender bag and my Keep It MNL travel organizer were the best options (although TBH, I still thought I packed way more than I needed, haha!).

[Photo 3] Before checking out from Nobu Hotel, we sneaked in a quick photowalk in Baclaran. It was about an hour of walking. We didn't have much time but it would be such a bummer if we hadn't explored a bit. 

Exhibit B 

[Photo 1] During Vivo Mobile's Grand Launch, I was actually surprised that we had our own rooms in Nobu Hotel. Yup, there were about 20 bloggers I guess or even more.. and each of us enjoyed our own room for a night. I sooo loved the room! I didn't wanna leave. Haha! 

[Photo 2] Just right after breakfast, still at Nobu Hotel, I tried to take a mirror selfie and it turned out to be somehow awkward. There! #OppoF1s 

[Photo 3] The third photo was taken at Hidden Beach Resort, Aloguinsan. As usual, I was people-watching while sitting under a tree, then I took a photo of the kids playing. When I take photos, I also associate the photo with a song, thus the lyrics caption. 

Exhibit C

[Photo 1] It was my first time in Maribago Bluewater Resort. It was our last stop during the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk this year. I love the calmness and serenity of the resort. It's like a home away from home. 

[Photo 2] Still in Maribago Bluewater. Because who can resist the water element? Well, I did. Because I wasn't there to go swimming so I just took a photo for remembrance. ;) 

[Photo 3] Took the photo just outside Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The place was breathtaking! I had to wait for the right timing because a lot of people were passing by. 

Exhibit D

[Photo 1] Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap - my dream come true. Because I was so star struck, I wasn't able to take decent photos of the sunrise in Angkor Wat using my DSLR so I just snapped a photo using my mobile phone. More stories here - Magnificent Angkor Wat.

[Photo 2] Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is probably one of the most photographed buildings in the capital city. Just look at that. It's standing proud with its grand architecture. 

[Photo 3]  City Hall in Ho Chi Minh. I already stated on my caption though, haha. Yup I was trying to get a decent photo of it but I stepped on a puddle of mud before capturing some good photos. My white shoes were soaked. Good thing I brought wet tissue. Life-saver! 

This has been another long post so thanks for reading if you've read this far. Do you have favorite Instagram photos? Sure you do! It's nice to look back and see which ones were most loved by your followers. It also gives you an idea which types of posts you can post more of in the future. 

Hearing the stories behind the photos are also fun. I'm sure with all the photos you took this year, you've had some blooper stories to share. Just leave a comment below for your funniest behind-the-scenes. ;) 

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