We've Got Your Year 2017 Travel Itinerary Sorted! Take A Look!

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. 

The year 2017 is fast approaching - in fact; it’s just a few days away now - which means that it’s the perfect time to start planning your 2017 travel itinerary. That is if you haven’t already done so, of course. Choosing when to go away each year and where to go can be a struggle, as most people only get a set period of time off of work each year which can be used to travel. 

So fitting in all of the adventures that you want to go on can sometimes be difficult, that’s why I’ve put together a 2017 travel itinerary that’s perfect for seeing the world if time isn’t on your side - or even if it is!  

Valentine’s Day

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Whether you are loved up or not, Valentine’s Day - aka February 14th - is the perfect time for a weekend away. Normally this falls during school term time which means that vacations are fairly cheap, so even if you’re on a budget, going away is doable. 

In terms of where you should go, Paris - aka the city of love - is the obvious choice. However, it’s not the only place that’s worth a visit in February. If you’re someone who loves to ski or snowboard, the French Alps are the perfect place to plan a mini-break to. 

Summer vacation 

Summer vacations can potentially be incredibly expensive, depending on where you go and when you go. If you jet off abroad while school is out and hit up a tourist hot spot, the chances are that it will be expensive. However, if you plan your break for before or after the school holidays or choose to visit somewhere that’s not a tourist magnet, it doesn’t have to cost you too much. 

When it comes to soaking up the summer sun, somewhere hot and sunny is a must. The best places to visit for a summer break have a beach, as well as lot of shops, bars, and fancy restaurants. Think Barcelona, the South of France - Nice or Cannes, Portugal, or perhaps The Balearic Islands. 


Fancy spending Christmas somewhere other than at home? Then you’re in luck because there are plenty of places that are perfect to jetting off to for Christmas. Of course, where you end up will depend on your budget and the type of Christmas you want to have. 

For a sunny Christmas, Australia or New Zealand are ideal. However, if you love the idea of spending the festive season surrounded by snow, Lapland is the perfect place. There you can meet Santa, ride a husky sled, see reindeer, and play in the snow - what better way to spend Christmas? 

New Year’s Eve 

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When it comes to planning your perfect New Year’s Eve, there’s probably one place that you would like to spend it, and that’s in Time’s Square in New York watching the ball drop. There is nothing more magical than spending New Year’s Eve in New York. Of course, if your budget won’t stretch that far, there are other options that you could consider. 

If you’re planning on jetting off anywhere for New Year’s Eve, it really should be to a town or city. If you want to start the new year in style and feel the buzz that comes with the countdown, being somewhere like Paris, New York, or London is your best bet. 

So there you have it, your 2017 travel itinerary sorted. 

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