Family Friendly Holiday Destinations With A Difference

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots. Featured photo is a beach in Norway taken from Pixabay

Holidays before children were mostly the same old thing. Not that they weren’t enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination. Those kinds of holidays were relaxing, filled with sun-drenched days drinking martinis at 10 am. Holidays with children are a much different affair that is for sure.

You need to consider your plan and ensure that the whole family is suitably entertained while still making sure you have a great time and enjoy the quality time together. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some family friendly holiday destinations that are a little different. 

Heading to Norway for some winter fun

Norway has a vast landscape that has much to offer. Heading to the North will enable you to witness the point where land meets the sea, and heading inland you can enjoy pine forest and rivers. Northern Norway has snow and stunning glaciers, making it a truly memorable destination to take a family trip. Norway for families isn’t just about beautiful scenery, but also historic towns, offering a lot of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

A history filled visit to Amsterdam

If you are a family that loves history, then why not consider a city break to Amsterdam. It certainly has a reputation for being a destination much loved by adults, but actually, there is quite a bit to do as a family. 

The city itself is stunning and rich in culture. You could take a trip to the museum of Anne Frank where you can walk around her house and see where the diary was first written. A great way to see a lot of the town is by hiring bikes and navigating the streets and rivers that intertwine in this city. A very enjoyable trip could be had by all. 

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A fun-filled trip to Disney World

Many children will have a destination wishlist, and I can imagine the word Disney features on it. It is a holiday that could make your little one's dreams come true. Head to Orlando in Florida and enjoy Walt Disney World resort, or stay in Europe and consider Disneyland in Paris. There are even theme parks in California, Tokyo and most recently a park has opened in Shanghai. 

This type of holiday isn’t for sunbathing, but instead hitting the theme parks, experiencing the magic and indulging in a few too many burgers and milkshakes. But where is the harm in that when you have smiling faces from your children?

Meeting Father Christmas at his home in Lapland

Another wishlist destination mainly from children would be to visit the man supposedly responsible for Christmas, that is Father Christmas himself. Lapland offers you and your family the opportunity to meet with Father Christmas, and experience everything his home has to offer.

From sleigh rides in the snow, witnessing the northern lights and enjoying cozy evenings in front of a warm fire. This is definitely a holiday to consider at this time of year, for sure. 

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I hope this has inspired you with some different destination to consider for your next family holiday. 

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