Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Traveling To Canada


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There are hundreds of countries you could travel to, but have you ever given any serious thought to a vacation in Canada? Many people forget about this country and focus too much on the neighboring United States. But lets forget about the States for one minute and focus on its super cool neighbor. 

There are loads of reasons why you should consider booking a trip to Canada in 2017. There is Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto for starters. But while there are so many reasons why you need to visit this amazing country, there are also some other small admin points to consider. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about traveling to Canada.


You will probably need a visa in order to enter Canada. It’s a good idea to sort this out quite a bit before your arrival date so that a hold up in processing your visa doesn’t prevent you from traveling on your intended date. But in most cases, getting a visa should be fairly simple. You just need to complete your application online. 

It is very important that you sort this out before you leave your home country. If you arrive in Canada without the necessary travel documents, you may face a fine. You can find out more about specific requirements online at official-canada-eta.com.


As with traveling to any foreign country, getting travel insurance is incredibly important. Even the most basic policy should cover the cost of any medication you need while you are away. It should also cover any hospital bills in the event that you are in an accident. Not only that, though, but basic insurance will cover the costs incurred from delayed or canceled flights. If you do not buy any travel insurance, then you may be left high and dry if anything goes wrong on your trip to Canada!

French Or English?

There is one big question on everyone’s lips when they are planning a trip to Canada. Even though English is the main language, French is still a joint official language and around 7.3 million Canadians speak it. In most provinces, English is widely spoken. However, the chief language in the province of Quebec is French. 

When you are traveling through this province, you should expect all street signs, menus, and shop signs to be French. In fact, it is a good idea to have a French phrasebook with you at all times in case you speak to someone who can’t speak English!

You can find out more about languages in Canada here: businessinsider.com/here-are-the-most-spoken-languages-in-canada-that-arent-english-or-french-2015-9?r=US&IR=T.


Canada is a huge country so there is no wonder that exactly how you will get around is weighing heavily on your mind. The best way to get around is to rent out a car. If you are planning to travel between cities, your best bet is to book a flight or get a long-distant train. But driving from city to city is a cool way to experience the country’s unbeatable landscape!

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