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Whether you travel in or outside the country, you would always want to bring the best and most appropriate clothes with you. Of course, as travelers and adventurers, you have your own style. In my case, I'm the type of person who will choose comfort over style any day. There are days when I wear mismatched colors and prints but I simply don't care as long as I look decent and okay. 

But -- if there's a way I can incorporate both comfort and style during my travels and adventures, I would! Because, why not? Traveling in style doesn't just mean wearing expensive and trendy clothes and accessories. Style, for me, is an expression of one's self. True, there are defining rules in fashion. Some would even come up with dos and donts. 

However, I see these rules as just guidelines. You're bound to break them at one point or another and the fashion police cannot hold you liable for that. If I can just wear pajamas during my adventures, I will. But I don't always feel good in them. Sometimes, I feel weak and lazy. There's that urge to dress up a little bit for the adventure. 

So I put on the most comfy outfit and make sure I feel good about it. I won't go out of the house if I'm not comfortable with what I'm wearing. It gives me unnecessary anxiety. Comfy + simple + laid-back + a pop of color = FEEL-GOOD ME!!! ♥

Now, that's my formula. 

Last week, I've spent my entire PayPal account shopping online, lol! I'm just going to say that the things I bought are advanced birthday gifts to myself. Okay, they're on crazy sale! So I bought some travel bags - a suitcase and a weekender bag (which I already received), and some camera gears like tripod and cleaning kits (still waiting)! I have to wait a little longer for the cleaning kits since they ship from abroad so I'm going to receive them by December. Awwwts. 

Recently, I've discovered another online shopping platform called They feature independent fashion designers and are committed to provide shoppers with original, high-quality, and exclusive fashion products. 

StyleWe Online Shopping

They are actually geared into creating a community shared by both designers and customers. Just like me, they also believe that fashion and style should be personal and diversified. It should not just be in the hands of the elite or the rich but for everyone. They want every customer to enjoy quality pieces from independent designers for reasonable prices. 

StyleWe Online Shopping

I browsed through their website and saw that they indeed have a vast and unique collection of pieces. These are designs that I haven't seen in some online shopping websites before. I totally love their cool jumpsuits, sweaters, and stylish bags! They're perfect for my adventures!

Here are some of my favorites. These cute day bags are perfect for a day stroll or going around the city, theme parks, museums, and practically anything on your agenda. They're spacious enough to hold your valuables; also not bulky and not too big to lug around for the entire day. 

StyleWe Online Shopping

These jumpsuits, rompers, and sweaters are my kind of comfy. Light jumpsuits and rompers for a tropical weather, and thick enough sweaters to go around when the weather's colder. 

StyleWe Online Shopping

Another set of favorites. 

Since I love simple pieces, I'd naturally choose neutral and light colors. If I can see pastel colors, I'd choose one or two pieces. And occasionally, I'd go for bold colors. 

If you want to see more of these pieces, you can head over to StyleWe.Com and choose your favorites too. It's almost Christmas so you might just find the perfect gifts over there. You can also follow their Instagram account for more designs and updates! 

*This post is sponsored by StyleWe. All product images are from their official website. Text and opinions are written by Blissful Snapshots. 

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