This Bright Light City Will Definitely Set Your Soul On Fire!

*This blog post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots.

If you’re thinking about heading to America for a vacation this year, I only have one recommendation. Head to Vegas. I know what you’re thinking -- but I have kids and little ones and Vegas isn’t suitable for them, is it? 

Well, let’s just get rid of that notion right now because it’s not just about the casinos or gambling. There is so much more to Vegas and the surrounding areas of Nevada than meets the eye. So, let’s look at some of the things that you can do if you choose to head to Vegas on your next vacation. 

See The Shows 

There are countless shows to choose from when you visit Vegas, no matter what your tastes or preference. There’s country music, sports events, pop icons, great comedy and much more. For instance, if you head to Vegas right now, you’ll be able to see the comedic talents of Tim Allen live. Tim Allen, of course, is known for voicing Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story and The Santa Clause movies. 

However, don’t let that fool you, his comedic outlook on recent events will tickle your funny bone for sure. You might not know this, but Allen is one of the few celeb Republican supports. Despite being a Republican, he had a big problem with Trump. 

If comedic political commentary doesn’t interest you, you can always visit pop royalty. Vegas is now the home to the legendary Britney Spears. I’m sure there are plenty of people who grew up listening to Spears and are now at the age where they can head to Vegas. It’s another show that I wouldn’t say is brilliantly suitable for the kids. 

But adults are sure to have a good time and Spears hasn’t lost her edge at all. You’ll be able to hear her sing and dance to all her classic tunes. Arguably the best part about seeing a show in Vegas is that the venues are smaller. You won’t have to squint as you try to figure out who’s on stage. You’ll be up close to your favourite star. 

Or, you can always head to a rodeo. A rodeo is something I think the kids will enjoy. It’s the chance to get a taste of the old west that for the most part is long gone. Boys in particular will love seeing the Cowboys tame their stallions and ride them around the arena. It’s an all American treat and one that can’t really be found anywhere else in the world. It’s not the only sporting event that you can catch in Vegas, but it’s certainly one of the best. 

Explore The City 

As I said, there’s much more to the city than just the casinos. Before you head to Vegas, you’ll need to book your travel Visa online. You can read the information here and then you can do some research on the city itself. You’ll find that there’s plenty to see and do from the incredible restaurants to the amazing architecture. Indeed, you’ll find that the city itself is a wonder to explore, even if you never enter a building. 

My advice would be to rent an open roof limo so that you can enjoy the incredible city in style. Be sure to wait for the sun to set and witness the neon city in all it’s glory. From the lit up clone of the Eiffel tower to the fluorescent Egyptian pyramids, Vegas is a light show like no other. You can head to any warped region of the world that you want as soon as you are within the city limits. 

The fun doesn’t stop there either. It’s just the beginning because after that you can head inside of the themed restaurant and get an incredible meal. The personal favourite is The Heart Attack Grill. Are you tired of hearing about healthy eating and being forced to eat less meat? 

This is the place for you with burgers stuffed with calories. It’s a fun themed hospital restaurant, completely unique to Vegas. Waitresses are dressed like nurses and will serve up your meals as though it’s medicine. It’s just one more way that Vegas knows how to have more fun than the rest of the world. 

For those who want something a little more classy, there are plenty of choices. No matter what your taste for flavours you’ll find it here. I think it’s true to say that Vegas is all about personal preferences. Whatever your poison, they’ll provide it. 

Exhilarating Adventure 

After a couple of days in Vegas, I suggest you head off in search of an adventure activity. People head to Las Vegas for a memorable vacation, and I am going to make sure you find it. First, there’s the option of riding a roller coaster on the roof of one of the hotels. I’m not going to tell you which one, that spoils the fun. But be warned, this certainly, isn’t something you should seek out if heights scare you. 

Then again, neither is bungee jumping in the dark. That’s right, if you thought bungee jumping wasn’t scary enough, try doing it when you can no longer see the ground. This is for the real thrill seekers and daredevils who are desperate to get their blood pumping. Don’t worry about not getting a picture of the moment you plunge to your death. You’ll be wearing a fluorescent suit to ensure the camera captures you as you skyrocket down towards the ground. 

Into The Desert 

Finally, there’s plenty to do outside of the city limits too. Don’t forget you’ll be in the Nevada desert! That means that you are only a few short hours away from the incredible Grand Canyon. This is something that you want your kids to see at least once. Trust me when I say the picture below just doesn’t do it justice. There’s a reason why hundreds of thousands of tourists gravitate to it every year. It truly is a natural wonder of the world. 

I hope have convinced you no matter what, Vegas needs to be your next vacation destination.

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