Six Essentials to Pack for Travel This Winter

Six Essentials to Pack for Travel This Winter
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Now is the time when many of us might be planning a winter vacation. Though it might be nice to get some winter sun in somewhere like the Caribbean, you can still have a great trip in colder climes. You might have a ski trip planned, a hiking holiday, or just want to explore a city. 

As long as you plan well, and pack the right things, your winter vacation can be fantastic. Being too cold can be miserable, so make sure you pack the essentials for winter travel.

Take a Waterproof Bag

No doubt you will be taking things like cameras and perhaps even a laptop when you travel. In winter there are higher chances of getting caught in a rain or snow storm. So you’ll want to keep those items safe and dry. 

Pack Touch Screen Gloves

A lot of us will be using our smartphone or tablet to take pictures with. We might also use them for maps and finding addresses. So being able to use it, without having to take your gloves off all the time is a great idea. Plus, if your fingers get too cold, it will be hard to use your phone properly. Touch screen gloves are widely available these days; they should be easy to find and pretty inexpensive. So wrap up warm and then you can use your phone easily. 

Warm Clothing is a Must

This is kind of obvious, but make sure that you pack plenty of clothes that will keep you warm. Think about layers of clothing so you can keep even warmer. Then when you go inside somewhere like a restaurant, you can just take things off layer by layer when needed.

If you feel the cold quite easily, then you might even want to invest in thermals. A base layer close to your skin to keep you toasty is a good plan. Looking in places where you would get ski or hiking clothes is your best bet. These items are made for being worn out in the cold so will be perfect to keep you warm.

Six Essentials to Pack for Travel This Winter
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Don’t Forget Sunglasses

Even though you will be out in winter, the sun still shines! It can be especially important to take sunglasses if you are going to a ski resort, for example. You don’t want to run the risk of getting snow blindness.


When it gets cold, our skin can dry out really easily. So it is important to remember to take a moisturizing lotion with us. Applied day and night, it will help to give your skin that added moisture that the cold weather can take out. It is good to get a quality lip balm when you’re in cold weather too. Dry or cracked lips are the worst. Remember to avoid showers that are too piping hot when you’re away. It can dry your skin out even more!


You might have a hooded jacket with you, but an umbrella is needed too. Then you can explore without getting completely soaked.

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