Selfeet Snapshots: This Is My Story. What's Yours? ♥

*Not me - but if I ever wear a pair of boots, I'll let you know. 

In a world where people take millions of photos everyday, there are always those who never fail to amaze us with their signature photo or pose. I am amazed.. and amused because these photos aren't just mere photos;  they also tell a story and exhibit creativity. 

Some people collect jump shots or even tumbling shots. Others collect selfie shots. No matter what you collect, we are all grounded by a common love for taking photos as memorabilia. Whether you collect them for your personal keepsake or for social media sharing, you are bound to keep those photos as your own - something that you will either laugh at in the future or probably frown at... but still laugh at in the end. 

I'm currently brewing a blog post featuring different signature poses/shots of some bloggers and friends but for now, I'm featuring my own signature pose which doesn't actually include my face, haha! 

Selfeet- A Little Background

A lot of my friends know that I don't take lots of selfies because I feel awkward and I don't exactly know what angle of my face look decent in the camera. I haven't studied that and I probably won't. Also, back in grade school or high school, I dreaded the moment of ID picture-taking, haha, because OMG, what weird look on my face would my ID bear again for the next nine months of school year?! 

If it was only possible to have my ID taken with my friend beside me, I would do it. But people evolved, and so did I. I'm not as scared of my photo taken anymore as I was before. I guess I grew more secure and confident of myself. I still love group shots rather than my solo ones though because "groufies" look more fun.. or funny. ;) 

And just to prove to you that I'm not scared of solo shots anymore, here's a photo dump of my freakin' face (that I love still, regardless of whatever flaws). Okay, I actually meant just a link to my about page where the photo dump is. I also just want you to know that the sooner you accept yourself, yup including your face, the sooner you will be happier and move on with things that matter more. 

But just because I'm not so much into selfies or solo photos doesn't mean I don't shoot some. What with OppoF1s (unintentional plugging here, lol) and its 16mp front camera and Beautify 4.0 app, I have slowly taken lotsa selfies, but only 1/10 goes out to social media. Selfies serve a purpose too you know -- years from now, you might not know how you look in your younger years if you don't have at least one photo of yourself. 

In an effort to avoid flooding social media with my face and consuming my phone or camera memory, I usually take photos of my feet. I mean, not the feet feet, but my feet with the shoes. You can also say it's a shoefie but I'm not bragging or endorsing my shoes either because most of them are very cheap and last only for a few years. Haha! So for consistency's sake, I'll refer to the photos as selfeet. 

Why Selfeet? 

Selfeet is my way of saying "I've been here and I love it here." It's my way of telling you and myself that my restless feet have stepped on this place and that my experience has been nothing but memorable and spectacular.

That's really just it. ♥

Now that you know - allow me to share with you some of my favorite Blissful Selfeet Snapshots taken by yours truly in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, until my shoes die a natural death. Awwww. 

Cat & Dog - Home

Yup, I'm wearing black socks. A day after I wore this pair at work though, I saw about 3 girls wearing the same. Hahahaha! Because they loved it, and bought themselves a pair too. 

Owl? - At Work

These are probably the comfiest and since I wore them to work daily before, they just died a natural death after a few months. *Sniff.

Stairs - Bagan Temple, Siem Reap

Not for the faint-hearted. Not sure if you can see how steep the stairs are. As usual, my two friends just stayed downstairs so I went solo here. 

Naga Baywalk

Never realized how beautiful the baywalk is until I went solo one afternoon. Plus it's just 10-15 minutes from my house. 

CBC First Anniversary - F Cafe & Bar

It was a fun anniversary! And that girl was the perfect backdrop.

Worldwide Photowalk 2016 - Maribago Bluewater Resort

 The only time I wore shoes at the beach.

Vietnam War Remnants Museum - Ho Chi Minh City 

Emotional. Because, war.. and the remnants of it. Ouch, my heart.

Fort San Pedro 

Another solo photowalk at the historic and oldest fort in the country.

CBC Meet Up - Yoyi's Bakery

This was fun actually. Meet-ups with fellow bloggers are always fun. ;)

Osmeña Peak 

Because all 3 friends I went with said that they won't ever climb a mountain again. I actually dragged them to O-Peak, haha! And yup, we all had Alaxan after that climb.

Siam Paragon, Bangkok

It's a luxury mall which means we just walked around and never actually bought anything.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! What's your signature pose or shot? Or any shot you love collecting? I'd love to hear! :)

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