Kalye Serye Bloggers' Edition: Signature Pose

This week's edition of Kalye Serye comes with a twist. If you remember, I told you about the story of my signature pose which is the selfeet. I also showed you some of my most memorable selfeet snapshots.

I'm really curious about what some of my Cebu blogger friends' signature poses are so I went ahead and asked them to show me their photos. I think it's very interesting that people have varying perspectives when it comes to shooting their photos. It makes me revel on the fact that we are all so similar yet different in many ways.

*Hello there HIBsters, thank you so much for your cooperation. Much appreciated!

So what do these signature poses have to do with street photography? 

More often than not, people think of street photography as shooting only in the streets. Or shooting candid and black/white photos only. But do you know that street photography doesn't always have to be in the streets? It also doesn't have to be candid or black and white either. And most especially, it doesn't have to be photos of buildings and other people all the time. 

When I thought of signature poses, I also thought of self-portraits in relation to street photography. A lot of street photographers have considered photographing themselves in many different and interesting settings. I'd like to call it an artistic version of a regular selfie (in this era's context).

Blissful Snapshots

I find self-portraits so intriguing -- and so are these signature poses, which is why I asked these bloggers why they like that certain kind of pose. These may or may not be considered real self-portraits but my point in this story is to show the different sides of people I interact with through their respective photos, regardless of the original meaning of self-portrait 

Here they are! Bonus: These photos also showcase some beautiful places in the Philippines.

1. Carlo of Kalami Cebu

Jump shots are awesome because they give people an illusion that time stopped for a bit.

Location: Bantay Bell Tower, Vigan

Carlo of Kalami Cebu

2. Jullian of Utterly Random Techie

I do the "check pose" because it symbolizes being positive no matter what the odds may be.

Location:  Power Mac Center, Mercedes Benz Tower, Cebu Business Park

Jullian of Utterly Random Techie

3. Totem of Totemgineer 

I like how my sister took this picture of me while fixing my cap which was totally candid and unscripted. It's like capturing me in my natural habitat: fixing my cap to avoid the sun's rays hitting my eyes so I could shoot photos properly.

Location: SM Seaside, Cebu City

Totem of Totemgineer

4. AJ of Wandering Soul Scamper 

Those who don't jump will never fly: I like the feeling when I jump up high because it gives me a wider perspective of the view below and for me it's the nearest thing to flying.

Location: Sirao Peak (Mt Kan-irag)

AJ of Wandering Soul Scamper

5. Jay & Gee of The Co-Sins

Jay: I love this picture since it shows a genuine bond between the cousins, showing the same emotions (internalizing), sharing the same interests and making fun moments together.

Gee: I'm very fond of this photo since it has a lot of depth in it and not only this shows the relationship of two cousins, but the memories when shooting this was incredible.

Location: No less than... their house! 

Jay & Gee of The Co-Sins

6. Chris of Chris Climaco Blog

Chose this photo wearing denim top & paired it with black jeans. A comfy get up for a comfy day. And oh! ..its my last day of exam so time for i.g. Strike a pose.

Location: SM Seaside, Cebu 

Chris of Chris Climaco Blog

7. John of Four Eyed Laagan

Open Hand Gesture is one of my favorite poses. Why? Simply it's like you're telling everyone what the beauty of the place has to offer. I purposely set the focus on my hand instead of the background to have an impression of looking forward to explore and see the stunning view of nature. Besides, it's not too vain to just have your hand in the photo.

Location: Ma. Cristina Falls, Iligan City

John of Four-Eyed Laagan

8. Jomar of Laagan Ko

I like underwater shots because they look like I know how to swim even in shallow waters. Hehe

Location: Maravillosa Beach Resort, Tabuelan

Jomar of Laagan Ko

9. Kris of Kris Wanders

I guess I consider side view shots as my signature pose. I like it as I am comfortable when my photos were taken from this angle. Haha! It's like sharing a part of you to be unmasked and keep the other side a mystery.

Location: Terrazas de flores Botanical Garden, Busay

Kris of Kris Wanders

10. Lai of Jaunting & Musing

I constantly have this thought of embracing and being on the trees whenever I get the chance every time I travel because it has always a calming effect on me. I revere them not because they live in a forest and grooves as their nature, but even more I revere them because they stand like a lonely person fighting for their happiness and the inner strength they have is to fight for the struggle with all the force of their lives. 

Their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots have never settled on the surface of the ground, but they have rested in an infinity. It is precisely how I represent myself to go beyond limits, to fulfill myself according to my own laws, to build up my own form just like a tree and to represent myself as a strong man to remain still whatever struggles may come.

Location: Mt. Parker, T'boli, South Cotabato

 Lai of Jaunting & Musing

11. Mika of Chasing The Dreamer

The look away pose flaunts my jawline and makes my nose a little bit pointed.

Location: Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Carmen, Bohol 

Mika of Chasing The Dreamer

12. Rady of Rady Set Go

Traveling solo is hard especially when you want a decent photo of a place, with you in it. I was inspired by Instagram users who've somehow captured the beauty of places without feeling like a personal selfie of some sort. That is what I  wanted to do with my shots, to let people see the beauty of the place they're missing out with a slight personal touch.

Location: Kiltepan Peak, Sagada

Rady of Rady Set Go

13. Ram of Ramzyrizzle

Laid-back. I guess that's really what my poses are.

Location: Karst Mountain Elephant Caves, Puerto Princesa

Ram of Ramzyrizzle

14. Rome of Basta Bisaya

I maybe vain a few years back but upon realizing that my poses aren't really exciting, I decided to take less selfies. However, to invite others to try the experiences I had, a more personal approach is needed: that is me included in the frame.

Well, with this, I have been recently checking out how to pose with poise, and so far being seemingly innocent and candid worked for me. It might most probably work on you, too. Here's a fun fact: I tried replicating this pose a few times after I shot this but failed to do so.

Location: A Space, Cebu

Rome of Basta Bisaya

15. Kat of Nested Thoughts

I love how I look like I'm naturally walking in this pose. Plus the wind effect on my hair JUST subtly completes everything!

Location: Oakridge Pavilion

Kat of Nested Thoughts


How do these signature poses relate to social awareness? 

I've mentioned before that one of the main goals of my street photography series is to communicate and build social awareness. If you look a little closer than usual at the photos above (and even read their explanations), you will realize a simple but commonly overlooked thing - we are all different; we are all unique. 

Each photo has its own representation and that makes you appreciate other people and their perspectives in life; that makes you understand them more based on the context of their photos. From the photos above, you can probably even tell what type of blog they have! But this isn't to judge them at all... because their photos are only a speck of their personality. At least somehow though, you get to know them a little bit. In my case, I get to be more aware of a part of their lives - no matter how small that part is.

“At first, my presence in my photos was fascinating and disturbing. But as time passed and I was more a part of other ideas in my photos, I was able to add a giggle to those feelings.” – Lee Friedlander

There you have it from the words of the bloggers themselves. Which one is your favorite? The photo or blogger with the most number of mentions will receive a surprise gift! *Wink! 


Kalye Serye, formerly Snapshots Saturday, is a weekly blog series featuring my street photography venture. Kalye (street) and Serye (series) aims to build and promote social awareness in the community and the world by creating and sharing meaningful photographs. 

Street photography is mainly the act of taking photos candidly which doesn't necessarily have to happen in the streets all the time. Read more about it here - Why Street Photography? 

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