Here's How You Can See Into The Future... Really

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots.

Have you ever wished that you could see into the future? We all likely have at some point. You might think that this kind of thing can only be seen in supernatural films and programs, but the truth is, you can actually train yourself to see glimpses of the future. Not kidding!

We’re all born with a connection to others and the universe, but this connection is usually blocked and weakened as we grow up and become conditioned by society. There are tribes in countries far away that don’t have mobile phones or Facebook, yet they know exactly when a friend needs them, or where they should be and at what time. 

This is because their connection to everyone and everything is much stronger than ours. If you want to be able to strengthen your natural psychic ability and potentially see into the future, read on…

Start Meditating Every Day

Meditation is one of the best ways to get in touch with your natural abilities. All of the answers we could ever need are inside of us. By meditating, you can get in touch with those answers. By stilling the mind, you can become happier, more creative, and experience so many other benefits too. 

If you want the answer to something, simply take the time to meditate on it. You might not get the answer right away. It may take a few times before it comes to you. It might even come to you after meditating. 

By starting out with just a couple of minutes a day and then building your practice up, you’ll become more deeply attuned to your life and the future in front of you. You just need to be consistent.

Here's an up-to-date guide on how to meditate that is packed with practical tips and advice. 

Switch Off From The Internet

Sometimes, using the internet is necessary. However, using it too often will dull the senses. Switch off from the internet where you can. Avoid spending too much time on social media. Focus on your own life instead of the lives of celebrities or other people you follow. By spending more time in the real world rather than the online world, you’re far more likely to become attuned to your psychic abilities.

Stay Away From Your Phone

Scrolling on your phone is a convenient thing to do when you’re bored, but it’s only going to take away from time you could spend strengthening your abilities. You could watch YouTube videos with helpful tips, read quality books, and even spend this time perfecting yoga poses. Use your phone when you need to, but avoid being stuck to it all day.

Stop Reading The Papers and Watching The News

Stop reading the papers and watching the news in general. They post only fearful messages, and encourage us to be fearful too. Imagine if they were only to post happy messages? 

We’d all feel much better about ourselves and the world, but then we wouldn’t be so easily controlled by the higher powers out there. Although being concerned about what’s going on in the world is fine, becoming too consumed by it will only hinder your abilities as it lowers your vibration. To keep vibrations high, you must simply focus on the good things in life.

Don’t Watch Too Much TV In General

Sitting around watching TV can help us to forget that we’re bored, but it doesn’t help us to fulfill any of our dreams, or do anything worthwhile. Watching a little TV can be OK, but some people choose to strengthen their abilities by avoiding TV altogether. Make sure you’re not sitting zombified in front of the TV set if you want to become more perceptive.

Try Props That Could Help You

There are a few props out there that could help you, if you feel drawn to using them. Some of these include tarot cards, pendulums, and a crystal ball. 

You can easily see how to use a crystal ball by checking out a tutorial online. They can be more effective than you probably think, when you know the real purpose of them and how to use them.  

Start Listening To ‘That Voice’ And Trust Your Intuition

There’s always a voice in our heads telling us what we should and shouldn’t do. Some call it a hunch. Some call it intuition. Start listening to your intuition by paying attention to how you feel. 

If you feel really good about something yet you have a frightened voice in your head, that voice is more than likely just your ego. If you feel uneasy about something but you’re not sure why, it could be your intuition sending you a message. The more you practice using it, the better.

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