Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016 - Oops We Did It Again!

best cebu blogs awards 2016

Oops we did it again! For the second time around, Blissful Snapshots is a finalist of Best Cebu Blogs Awards (BCBA) - Photoblog Category. Last year, I was overwhelmed because I made it as a finalist and although I did not win the coveted title, I was still happy because with so many blogs in Cebu, I was one of the five who made it to the final round.

This year, there are only four finalists in the Photoblog category and being one of them already brings me so much joy and pride. I have concentrated on structuring my blog to be an adventure photography blog and if there's one thing I've worked so hard on, it's coming up with contents that have true value to my readers. 

I've long ditched the "just so I can blog today" attitude and started carefully planning my content calendar. Even though I earn only a modest amount from this blog, I still put my heart into it because I really want to add value to my craft. I want to create something I can call my own. I want to be an author of a web space I can be proud of. 

True, this blog is not perfect but this is a product of my hard work and passion for writing and photography so I am very humbled and thankful to be a BCBA finalist once again. It means so much to me when people actually read my articles and appreciate my photos. Every time the idea of quitting blogging crosses my mind, I am always reminded that I have loyal readers and commenters. So if you're reading this now, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! ♥

Starting a blog is a no-brainer but maintaining it and committing to publish only quality contents is challenging. Being a finalist for the second time is one reason for me to keep blogging and keep creating valuable blog posts that are worthy of my readers' time. I hope to continue inspiring people to keep living what they love, to keep adventuring, and to keep capturing memories and finding interesting beauty through the lens.

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016

On November 27, the 9th Best Cebu Blogs Awards Night will be held at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers. I had a great time last year and with this new venue, for sure the event is going to be a blast too. 

Best Cebu Blogs Awards is organized and handled by blogger volunteers headed by Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. Founder Mark M. Monta. It is the only and pioneering award-giving body that recognizes the existence of blogs and bloggers in Cebu. This year's awards night is said to be a venue of friendship and camaraderie for Cebu-based bloggers in different blogging communities who are deserving to be recognized for their crafts. 

And of course, the event won't be more successful and possible without the generosity of the following sponsors. Please allow me to introduce... 

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016


Megaworld Corporation


Uber Philippines


Crown Regency Hotel & Towers


Huawei Philippines


Krispy Kreme Philippines
Greenwich Philippines
Starbucks Philippines
Memoriter Writing Services
JKA Glass Enterprises
JAVDERS - Cebu Projectors for Rent


Cebu Bloggers' Society


Alvin Asayas Photography


Cebu Fitness Blog
Geemiz: Accounting Blog
iJuander Cebu
Almera Talks

Thank you once again BCBA! And thanks to you dear reader. I appreciate every single time you drop by here. With much l♥ve,

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2016

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