Remarkable Things To See And Do When You Only Have 48 Hours In Barcelona

Sometimes we find ourselves in a fantastic location with very little time to explore and take pictures. That is when we need to get focused and motivated to make sure we experience all the wonders place has to offer.

There is a lot you can do in 48 hours, especially in a vibrant city like Barcelona. But you must use your time right. Read on to find out more.


Sagrada Familia

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There are some seriously famous landmarks that you need to tick off your bucket list in Barcelona. Probably the most famous is the Sagrada Familia. This is a large Roman Catholic church designed in a modern art nouveau style by Gaudi. It is quite unlike anything else in the world and well worth a visit.

Remember though that as the most famous attraction in Barcelona, its is very popular. That means you need to be prepared to queue or if you are on a tight time schedules you need to pre-book your tickets. The audio tours are highly recommended. Don't forget to get some amazing pics of the both the interior and exterior of this remarkable building.

Casa Batllo

Keeping on the Gaudi theme, a visit to the Casa Batllo is also recommended. The Casa Batllo is designed as a residential apartment block in his nature-inspired style. It is known for its sheer beauty, and many visitors are overwhelmed by the by the ornate, decorative details present in every room.

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The apartments are left empty of furniture now. But you can now get an interactive app for your phone that would show you what they used to be like when they were occupied.

Camp Nou

Footy fanatics should make sure that they manage to squeeze in a visit to Camp Nou, which is the home of Barcelona FC. You can take a tour and soak up the atmosphere while also appreciated the essential part they football plays in Spanish culture.

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Tibidabo Amusement Park

Something of a wildcard suggestion in amongst all that Spanish culture is the Tibidabo Amusement Park. It's great if you want to have some lighthearted fun and as it has views across Barcelona. In fact, it makes an excellent viewing point in which to see far across the city. Expect traditional attractions like roller coasters, haunted castles, and pirate ships.

There are also several rides that make use of the amazing view that the Tibidabo Amusement Park has across Barcelona. These include the Giordano, which is a Ferris Wheel, Planes Rides, and the Watch Tower. They are the perfect place to get some stunning shots of the landscape of Barcelona.


Of course, no trip to Spain, however short, should leave out some sampling of the local cuisine. Don't forget to take some picture for Instagram either.

Spain is known for their excellent cuisine and in particular for tapas. Tapas is a collection of small light dishes with lots of flavors that are served in Spanish bars along with drinks. The idea is that you drink and eat as part of your evening, saving you having to go to a restaurant or home for a large meal before you go out.

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As you would expect there are some top quality tapas places in Barcelona. Sample as much or a little as your like. But don't forget to try Chorizo service in red wine, Gambas, and Paella.

If you can decide on just one place, then why not pick one of the Taps day tours available. Then you can work you way around specially picked out bars, with the best food.

Or if you are looking for something that it a bit more unusual but still fascinating take a trip around La Boqueria. This is the largest indoor market in Spain. Or, why not head on over to the Museu de la Xocolata.

Which is a chocolate museum located on the bottom level of a historic barracks? There you can learn all about chocolate and even have a go at making some yourself. Perfect for foodies!

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Like any major city, Barcelona is also an excellent place to spend a bit of your hard earned cash. Your best is to buy things that are a locally produced. That means that now only are you helping to maintain the local economy, but you are also getting something that it would be hard to get hold of at home.


Spain is well known for its leather good, and Barcelona is no exception. There are plenty of places selling coats, jackets bags, and wallets which are good quality and a reasonable price.

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Did you know that Spain is one of the only places worldwide that has shops that just sell gloves? That means you can get some really fine craftsmanship as the standard is very high.

Cutlery and Crockery

Spain is also well known for high-end crockery and cutlery. A cutlery set is a good buy that will last you decades, but remember it will be heavy, so could be expensive to take home by air.  There is also the famous Lladro and Damascene Ware to purchase. As well, as ceramic plates that are both useful and decorative and make an excellent souvenir of your whistle stop tour of Barcelona.


There is plenty of entertainment for you to check out when in Barcelona. Although if you are there for only 48 hours you many only have one evening in which to appreciate it, so choose wisely. If your stay coincides with a Barcelona FC football game and you can get tickets, it's worth going for the home crowd atmosphere alone.

Or if clubbing is your thing why not head to the famous Razzmatazz? If you like your dance a bit more traditional why not attend Tablao Flamenco Cordob├ęs, an authentic flamenco performance.

Of course, you could always time your visit so it is close to the Benicassim Festival. This music festival has been going for years. It is and is popular with continental Europeans and the British alike, because of the excellent weather. This means that getting stuck in the mud is hardly ever a problem, and you get to combine the sun and hot water with seeing some of your favorite bands.

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots.

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