Oppo F1S: 5 Amazing Camera Features for Mobile Photography

Oppo F1S: 5 Amazing Camera Features for Mobile Photography

Wanna know what's the newest and the hottest? Oppo F1s is! With its modern, stylish, and sleek design combined with high-end technology features, Oppo F1s is definitely the IT phone for me and for so many who have already tried its awesomeness. Who knows, maybe for you too?

By a stroke of luck, I won a brand new unit of Oppo F1s two agonizing days after my 3-year old Galaxy phone broke. As if the heavens heard me, I was in utter amazement when I heard my name that night I won. The mystery of it all still baffles me until now.. but who am I to question or complain?

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

There are probably a gazillion articles online about Oppo F1s combined with a bazillion YouTube videos about it but here's something from a lucky winner who now believes that the line "the best things in life are free" is still applicable at some point. Haha!

Special mention and thanks to Carlo of Kalami Cebu & Gay of Exotic Philippines for bringing me to the Oppo media event. Woot!

Oppo F1S Selfie ExpertYou can certainly read all the specs and features online but one thing I care about the most in this newest smartphone is its camera features. After all, photo blogging won't be possible without a decent camera. Oppo F1s is more than decent though. In fact, it's amazing for its price of Php 12,990. 

Mobile photography has indeed evolved and has undoubtedly become a hit to a lot of consumers. So whether you love taking selfies or you just love snapping photos using your smartphone, Oppo F1s might just be the phone you are looking for.

Here's why.

1. 16-Megapixel Front Camera & 13-Megapixel Rear Camera

This is probably one of the first things that will entice you to purchase this smartphone. My previous smartphone only has 5mp front camera but already takes decent photos in good lighting condition so I was quite thrilled that F1s has an even better camera with 16mp.

Since F1s is dubbed as the "selfie expert", it's only understandable that it has larger pixels for its front cam compared to its rear (13mp). Aside from that, the front cam also has 1/3.1 inch sensor and a large f/2.0 aperture. A larger aperture means more light gets to enter the camera, thus making it possible to take stunning selfies even in low light.

With this feature, you are rightfully the center of attention in your selfie or even "groufie" shot and not something else.

Not to be outdone is the equally powerful 13mp rear camera with a large f/2.2 aperture and 1/3.6 sensor that allows the phone to maximize light sensitivity. This makes it possible to take wonderful night shots with vivid depth and detail. I personally haven't used this phone to take night shots yet but upon reading the specs online, this camera feature sounds very promising.

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

2. Beautify 4.0 Built-in App 

Alterations and editing are part of photography. It's just up to you how far you want to go to edit your photos. Sometimes it can be time-consuming though to open another app just to edit your selfies. Insert Beautify 4.0 - as the name itself suggests, it intends to "beautify" your selfies right there and then while taking the photo. No need to open another editing app. It also has an auto-mode screen flash plus eight built-in filters and patterns to choose from.

This is, of course, optional. There are good-hair-and-blooming-face-days but there are also zombie-mode-haggard-face days. Sometimes the timing is so perfect when you want or need a photo of yourself but you just aren't camera ready yet. Beautify 4.0 to the rescue! Just remember to not overdo it so that you will still look like your natural self and not a photoshopped version with zero pores and wrinkles. ;)

3. Selfie Panorama 

It must be quite frustrating when you badly want to include everyone in the photo but your camera simply doesn't allow it. The selfie panorama feature of F1s allows you take a wide-angle selfie (in most cases, a "groufie"). You just need to rotate the phone from side-to-side and it will automatically stitch together the photos to make sure everyone in the group is inside the frame.

Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

4. Wide Array of Built-in Camera Plug-ins

Aside from the normal shooting mode, you have several options to choose from when taking photos. F1s is equipped with powerful plug-ins that will make your photo experience truly remarkable. Some of the plug-ins are the following:

  • Ultra HD - shoots six photos consecutively and combines the best parts of each to make one 50-megapixel ultra-high-definition image, which has four times the clarity of ordinary photos
  • GIF - creates instant GIFs on the go and use animation modes like reverse-play to create more fun moments
  • Double Exposure - takes two separate photos and overlaps them into one final image, resulting in a unique and fun photographic effect
  • Phase Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF) - allows for fast and accurate auto-focus and an instantaneous capturing experience; photos are taken in a split second and every image is full of beautiful details
  • Slow shutter - capture the light traces with a long exposure 
  • High Definition Range (HDR) - combines several exposures to get more detailed and natural pictures, especially useful for taking backlit shots
  • Expert Mode - comes with different DSLR capabilities like changing white balance, exposure, ISO, shutter, focus, and even has the option to take raw shots

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

5. Voice Shot & Palm Shutter

With these two features, your selfie experience is made even better. For voice shot, you can just say "cheese" when the camera is open and the selfie countdown will automatically start. For the palm shutter, just open your palm in front of the camera and it will activate an automatic selfie countdown.

Some example shots with no edits. Taken in normal shooting mode.

Exhibit A - Late afternoon light; naturally, the front camera automatically focused on me leaving the rest of the background slightly blurry

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

Exhibit B - Super low light; photo taken in the evening so minimal noise is understandable (double exposure and fill light are also available for very poor lighting conditions)

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

Exhibit C - Indoor light; You can adjust the exposure to make it brighter.

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

Exhibit D - Afternoon light while raining but taken inside a building

Oppo F1S Selfie Expert

Read More? 

The camera features I mentioned above are just few of the many super features of Oppo F1s. Some favorites that I have already proven and tested are the following:

  • 3075 mAh battery - It's real. Non-stop 14 hours of usage in one charge is so real. This is even while I'm using wifi or data connection. You can expect it to be slightly more than that when you don't use your phone's features often, but who does that?? With a phone like F1s, you will be tempted to use it all the time! 
  • Fast charging of 2 hours - Charging for 2 hours with a battery life lasting for 14 hours? This one's a keeper.
  • Fingerprint recognition - As fast as 0.22 seconds! I use it for unlocking my phone and automatically opening apps. You can assign tasks to up to 5 fingerprints. I use mine to easily open my message inbox.
  • Screen-off gestures - When the screen is OFF, you can use custom gestures on the screen for quick operations. I "draw" certain letters on the screen to easily open my camera app, the flashlight, Notes app, Chrome, and Music. 
  • Eye protection - After months of writing about sleep (for my client's website), I've learned about the blue LED light emitted by smartphones that is harmful to the eyes. The eye protection display filters out the blue light to create a soothing screen display that is gentle on the eyes. It has different eye protection levels in varying degrees that you can use to fit your needs. Note: This feature is only supplementary to good eye health habits. 

True enough, the above-mentioned features can also be found in other camera phones. I can't do a comparison because I don't have all the phones in the world. For me, the ultimate selling point of this unit is its very affordable price of Php 12,990 with jampacked quality features and beautiful design that are also present in other much expensive smartphones. 

Thanks for reading! If you're looking for a new camera phone or are planning to switch, I hope I have given you an informed decision. I have yet to perform more camera tests in different settings using F1s to maximize the promising potential of this smartphone. #OppoF1sSeries anyone? ;) 

Update: One of the newest Oppo phones, the Oppo F3 in Red (64GB) can be purchased via Lazada for Php 15,990.00 as of the moment! You can also purchase it via BDO installments for only Php 1,010.09 per month for 24 months. Check the details here --> OPPO F3 RED.

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