Houston Through A Lens

It’s the day of your holiday. You’ve woken up in a fantastic mood. It’s time to embrace the moment. Time to pack the suitcase. I can’t believe you didn’t do that earlier! What’s the first thing you need to bring? Clothes? Passport? Childhood teddy bear? 

No to all three. It’s your camera silly. How else are you going to take that all important perfect shot of the new exotic place you’ve welcomed to your heart?

So you’re off to Houston. It’s your first time there and understandably you’re incredibly excited. You’ve heard so much about this wonderful city and now you’re finally going to taste it. Your camera is packed, pride of place in your case and off you go. 

Touching down in Houston for the first time is definitely a click worthy shot as you’ll be catapulted into a world of tall sky rising buildings which glisten in the early evening sun. One photo tailor made for the front cover of your new photo album. 

Houston we have a problem! Guess the film. Well no matter if you know it or not, this wonderful city has a treat for all you space lovers. The Space Centre Houston is not only a national treasure but also lets young and old interact with all the controls you need to launch and land a space shuttle. Perfect material for a camera happy family. Definitely one for the memory book as you’ll never see anything more cool! Well how about having lunch with a fully fledged astronaut although you have to pay a bit more for that privilege. 

Birthplace to the George Bushes and global superstar Beyonce, Houston also has the Museum of Natural Science as a top thing to see continuing its world famous space theme. All the family will have to be highly impressed with the huge IMAX theatre centrepiece which showcases interactive exhibits like planetarium shows in the museum. 

A perfect picture next to a scaled down solar system perhaps? However if rockets and all things spacey aren’t quite your cup of tea, then why not wander into the ancient history section ranging from interesting mummies and dinosaur skeletons to artistic cave paintings. Why don’t you get someone to take a picture of you and your family reenacting a once famous tribe?

There’s just so much to Houston that you’ll need at least a week to get through everything. Why not act like a true Texan during your time there? You can check for up and coming local events through Houston Hotel Magazine and plan your day there and then. Make your event fun and wet with a Bubble Run or go back in time with the Houston Egyptian Festival. Whatever you do, you’re bound to go back home with a thousand memories and a full photo album.

Houston is one of those cities that you won’t be coming to visit just once, you’ll want to come again and again and each time will bring a whole new enjoyable photographic experience.

*This post is contributed by Ellie Jo for Blissful Snapshots.

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