5 Compelling Reasons You Should Join Photowalks

If you're a shutterbug like me, your photography hobby can get stale through time if you don't constantly go out and shoot. I think you will also agree with me that your precious camera will most likely only collect dust if you don't use it often. I mean - it will still collect dust even when you use it often, but at least it's for that reason. ;)

Okay. Don't feel guilty. Because you're not alone. Sometimes life gets in the way and I also "forget" that I have a camera hiding in my closet, waiting to be used and abused. Not the way to go I guess? So one way for me to really go out, explore, and push myself to practice shooting is a photowalk. 

What is a photowalk? 

A photowalk is an activity where photography enthusiasts gather and walk together to take photos in a particular location following a planned route. There usually aren't any requirements; just bring any camera you like and shoot anything that interests you. 

I've only been to two photowalks so far but I've already enjoyed the benefits. The first photowalk was the Google Local Guides Cebu and the second was the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk, which was just last Saturday. Both were organized by Herbert of Drift Stories. Although it can be tiring and exhausting with all the walking, you will feel a sense of fulfillment at the end of the day.

5 Compelling Reasons You Should Join Photowalks

Not convinced yet? Here are 5 compelling reasons you should join photowalks. 

1. Practice your photography and camera skills.

Google Local Guides Cebu Photowalk
*Insert this emote photo of myself. ;) 

This one's probably a no-brainer but no doubt the most important. There are so many ways to develop your photography and camera skills and photowalks are just one of them. When you consistently go out and shoot, you also get to practice using different camera settings as well as apply the different photography techniques you've been reading about ever since. 

If you consistently join photowalks, chances are you'll get used to changing camera settings in different situations. You will also get to practice shooting in different lighting conditions especially that you will be moving from one place to another. 

2. Learn from other photographers. 

Google Local Guides Cebu Photowalk
*That's meee wearing yellow shoes, haha! I'm not frowning guys. I'm just listening intently. :) 

There is normally no skill level required when joining photowalks. Whether you're a professional or a very experienced photographer, a newbie or an enthusiast - there's always something new to learn. You may think that you already know everything there is know but you'll be suprised about the range of knowledge you can still gain from other photographers. 

I find it very interesting to learn from others. It can get overwhelming at times but as long as you're open-minded, you can bring home different tips and tricks that actually work. 

3. Explore other places. 

Google Local Guides Cebu Photowalk

Exploring other areas of interest is one of my favorites when joining photowalks. Going out the streets and people-watching are my kind of adventures ever since. So if there's an opportunity to photograph action in places I haven't been to yet, I usually jump at the chance.

Usually, you only visit the popular destinations and trending places in your town or city, but during photowalks, you will experience more of what your place has to offer. Perhaps even something you never knew existed. 

4. Meet new friends. 

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2016
 *With new friend, Aissa :) 

*You know my forever blogger BFF, Jhanis. We're old friends but I just want to include this photo. Lol

I joined the first photowalk without real expectations of who I was going to meet. In short, I was kinda expecting that I'd be attending alone.. or without friends. I was really okay with that. But then, some friends actually came so I wasn't alone after all! Plus I met some new friends, new faces, and new acquaintances who will likely be my companions in future photowalks. 

So even if you do decide to go alone, for sure you will meet one or two people you will constantly speak with and you will definitely keep in touch with! Of course, this only happens if you actually talk and be friendly too, lol! ;)

5. Get the chance to show your photos to others. 

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2016

I'm not very experienced and my photos may be mediocre for others that's why personally, I used to hesitate showing my photos to other photographers. But that's an attitude I have long dismissed. I use social media and of course this blog to share the photos I like without fear of judgment and indifference. 

By joining photowalks, you also get the chance to show your photos to people who can give you valuable feedback. You're all like-minded individuals grounded by a common love for photography so why not take advantage of that. 


I hope that these reasons made you at least think about joining photowalks whenever you can. For sure, there are local photowalks in your area from time to time. You can even Google it! And don't forget to have fun should you decide to join one. 

*Group photos grabbed from Local Guides Cebu & Drift Stories

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