Kalye Serye Cebu: Colors & Hues

There are times when photos speak for themselves in black and white. There are also times when photos are best with colors. I can't say I have a favorite between black and white and colored photos. They're both fascinating in their own ways. And sometimes, it really just depends on my mood. 

Sometimes, I am overly mindful with the technical aspects of the photos I take when I keep telling myself not to be. But I also keep telling myself that being mindful is good. That just means that I know I can still do better with more practice. Being mindful also means I care about the quality of photos I produce and the message they relay, or that I care. Simple. 

At this point, I've already believed that I've moved past the days when all I did was snap and snap without any goal in mind. Now I actually have a goal - which is to create better or meaningful photos that speak a message. I wanted my snapshots to be more significant (and still fun), although of course there are snapshots that are meant to be just for the heck of it and for personal keepsake.

That goal also became the direction I envisioned for this blog when I decided I should write more about photography itself, how it changed me and how it's been a very rewarding hobby, while writing and photographing my adventures along the way. 

For this episode of Kalye Serye, I'm sharing some of the bright-colored photos I took recently. Vibrant colors bring me delight all the time! They brighten up my mood and make my heart pitter-patter (for real) so if you somehow want to make me happy like a kid - bring me somewhere with lotsa colors. ;) 


I always passed by this street where these shoelaces were for sale and I've been amused since then. I finally got the chance to go up close and personal with these brightly-colored shoe accessories. 

street photography cebu

Colored Candles

We stopped by Magellan's Cross during our last photowalk and these candles caught my attention more than the prayer warriors dancing inside. 

street photography cebu

Red and Yellow

Outside the church are flower vendors lining the street and these are just some of the flowers I noticed. 

street photography cebu

Red Candles

These candles gave me mixed emotions.

street photography cebu

Colored Fans

I really wish I had a better angle of this photo but the place was sooo crowded I could barely even move my elbows when I took this. Nevertheless, I liked it. 

street photography cebu

Blue Hour

When I posted this photo on Instagram, I captioned it as "no filter" and that I really love the super blue sky against the super blue water. One person commented that I've captured the blue hour - the hour after sunset. And I never really knew that before, so I'm glad somebody told me. 

This is even mesmerizing in full size, sucks that I have to resize photos so that my blog won't explode but well, I gotta do what I gotta do (any tips to minimize loss of image quality when resized? please drop a comment below!)

street photography cebu

Blurry Lights

I have to say that I have a certain thing for blurry photos like this, with lights that look flickering in them. I didn't have a tripod and just attempted to capture the lights but it turned out like this. I still love the colors though. 

street photography cebu

There are photos that I leave without filter like the ones above. But there are also photos I'd like to experiment with, especially when I just discovered a photo editing app. The photos below were all edited to attempt creating something a little different. 

Aurora Borealis

street photography cebu

Beautiful Sky

street photography cebu

Full Moon

street photography cebu

Bright Pink Boat

street photography cebu

You Are The Color 

And my personal favorite - despite the two people being on the very far right of the frame. I remember I was already in a hurry and I tried to keep up with them. 

street photography cebu

Do you like your photos B&W or colored? Edited or not edited? ;) 


Kalye Serye, formerly Snapshots Saturday, is a weekly blog series featuring my street photography venture. Kalye (street) and Serye (series) aims to build and promote social awareness in the community and the world by creating and sharing meaningful photographs. 

Street photography is mainly the act of taking photos candidly which doesn't necessarily have to happen in the streets all the time. Read more about it here - Why Street Photography? 

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