Change The Way You See Happiness

Change The Way You See Happiness

The great Gautama Buddha once said, your work is to discover your world and with all your heart give yourself into it. 

A lot has been said about happiness and the world probably has a million ways to achieve it. We all want to be happy, at one point or another. The truth is - happiness truly depends on how we define it or how we view it. Sometimes, it's elusive because perhaps we aren't content of what we have or maybe we just want something more. 

When I look at this photo, I see these kids' eyes shine bright and wide like they have so much hope and enthusiasm in them to face the world they most likely don't understand yet. They're very innocent and happy just by being with each other.

Change The Way You See Happiness

But there's more to that that made me change how I see happiness. I will be very bold to say that I'm not the most generous person in the world. I have the tendency to keep things for/to myself. In short, I can be selfish. Not everybody understands the kind of selfishness I have. But I've come to realize that life is never meant to be lived alone, and that blessings are to be shared with people. 

Happiness is in giving and sharing - whether as simple as sharing your baon with your friend or classmate, giving time to your family and friends, sharing your life to be of service to others, sharing what you have to people in need, or giving your heart to the world even when the world is sometimes cruel and despicable. 

Every time I see these kids hanging out, I'm always in awe of how they are so happy in the simplest terms. They're happy because they share their toys, food, stories, time, and friendship with each other. I wish adult life is that simple too but truth be told, it isn't all the time.

Change The Way You See Happiness

I'm not rich. Sometimes I only have enough for myself and my little family. Sometimes I also have extra funds. It depends on the timing and season of my life. But there were really difficult times in terms of finances when I was put to test by shelling out money when I had nothing. 

When my husband's grandfather passed away, I really had to give everything I had. Instead of feeling worried though, I felt a sense of happiness. It was the kind of happiness that would set your spirit free, knowing in your heart that everything will be okay despite the fact that you don't know where else you will get funds to spend for your daily life. And that all you know is you were able to help in your own little way.

It was the kind of happiness you feel when you share a part of you with people you love.. and even with strangers. It was the kind of happiness that giving and sharing make you feel. It was happiness that didn't ask for anything in return. It was pure and real.

Change The Way You See Happiness

I was thankful. I am thankful. Who would have thought that just by looking into these kids' eyes, I would reach a certain degree of epiphany - realizing that it doesn't matter who you are and what you do but if you genuinely want to help, you will feel blissful and fulfilled.

Right now, I take part in giving by being involved in different communities that share the same passion as mine - blogging and photography. I share my knowledge about blogging to aspiring bloggers who might want to level-up by using blogging to promote social good in the community.

I also join local photowalks to share to the world about the place we live in. Doing tasks that don't pay me at all is what it takes to have that sense of bliss and happiness like no other. This is when I realize that I am part of a larger and grander scheme of things, that I have what it takes to contribute, share, and give back to the community I am in.

*During our local guides photowalk: these kids apparently may not have any idea of the world they live in but look at them.. still together as friends/family. 

And of course you know that I document my life's adventures through my mobile phone and even though I have purchased a big girl camera, I still rely on my phone for quick, convenient, and beautiful snapshots to capture memories and bliss.

Change The Way You See Happiness

Mobile photography has never been this better in the past few years. A quality and superb kind of smartphone that aims on making mobile photography better for beginners and veterans alike is a big feat.

There are so many beautiful adventures and people to capture in this lifetime, and it's amazing that we can now do that through a stylish and compact camera phone. What better way to capture bliss and happiness than through photos, right?

Change The Way You See Happiness

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