12 Awesome Cebu Foodie Spots For Your Next Foodventures

12 Awesome Cebu Foodie Spots For Your Next Foodventures

Wherever you go and whatever you do, food will always be an integral part of your adventures. I could be wrong. But you know I'm right. ;) Right? In Cebu alone, there are so many wonderful and must-visit foodie spots that a day or two or even a week won't be enough. 

We all have different experiences when it comes to dining and eating around Cebu. But if you're a local or a tourist looking for a place to eat during one of your adventures, here's a list of 12 awesome foodie spots you will surely love to try. 

As this is not a food blog, you will not read hard-core food and restaurant reviews but I can guarantee you I'm telling the truth about my personal experiences in these places and why they made it to this list. So, you ready? Read on. 

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1. Bocas Modern Patisserie

Update: Already closed in BTC :(

A legit French restaurant by Chef Jean Louis Leon - Bocas is a quaint and charming foodie spot that serves modern French cakes and pastries. You will love their unique pastry options and all the little details added will surely delight you. I love that everything on your plate is edible! 

Aside from the simplicity and charm of the place, the customer service is also great. Their staff is very friendly and accommodating. In fact, I loved every minute of my stay there.

Must-Try: French Macarons, Strawberry Eclair, Cacao-based drink
Location: Banilad Town Center, G/F Main Mall

Bocas Modern Patisserie

2.   Lord of the Ribs 

What I love about Lord of the Ribs is the delectable dishes + affordable price. For Php 270 (price subject to change), you can taste their Rack of Ribs (500 g) with curry rice and white sauce (which was very tasty and yummy BTW). 

The space is small but very inviting and clean so that is a plus in my book. Also, you can't deny the fact that the name Lord of the Ribs is quite catchy. Hello LOTR fans! 

Must-Try: Rack of Ribs, Potato Shells, Seafood Bundle
Location: #66 Gov. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad

Lord of the Ribs Restaurant

3. Urban Crave

Urban Crave is one of my personal favorites. Lovely NY-themed interiors, instagrammable, and very picture-perfect! Guys, their urban ribs is really, really good and excuse my mediocre culinary vocabulary but good, for me, actually means soft, tender, delicious, tasty, and worth the price. 

Their amazing customer service is very remarkable. Being in the customer service industry for a long time, I can say the staff is well-trained. I've been there twice and they all made sure we were well taken care of by checking back on us from time to time to see what else we needed.

Must-Try: Urban Ribs, Glazed Chicken Barbecue, Wings Platter
Location: The Greenery - Pope John Paul II Avenue, Mabolo

Urban Crave Cebu

Urban Crave Cebu

4. Ruby Rocks Pizza & Pasta

For pizzaholics like me, a trip to any pizza place is bliss. But Ruby Rocks gave me "the feels" of an authentic Italian pizza place. It's the perfect place to chill with your friends and be in pizza and pasta heaven. 

The place is rather small so you can see where your food is being prepared which I like because I feel like I'm part of the food preparation process. 

Must-Try: Piggy Pizza, Prosciutto 
Location: Grand Arcade F. Cabahug St., Kasambagan

Ruby Rocks Pizza and Pasta

5. Akita Japanese Restaurant

Stepping inside Akita Japanese Restaurant isn't intimidating and despite the rather small space they have, the place felt spacious to me. They have a simple set-up and although you don't get the typical Japanese-themed interiors, the food totally didn't disappoint. 

It's easy to have a foodie feast in Akita. It's the best place to eat Japanese food with some twists for very affordable prices. 

Must-Try: Chicken Salad, Chashu Miso Ramen (and all versions of their Ramen), Buta-don Shoyu
Location: Ground Floor, GND Building, Kasambagan

Akita Japanese Restaurant

6. Duz Grill 

Duz Grill is a charming residential property slash restaurant. Although I haven't really tried the food in Duz Grill, I included it in my list because I love the place so much. It's very private and intimate, with a beautiful al fresco setting. It's not easy to find by the way so I suggest you research the location first. 

My research says that they serve really good ribs and burgers which, as mentioned, I didn't get to try because we booked the restaurant for 3 hours only and had our food catered. 

Must-Try: Ribs, Burgers (according to my research) 
Location: 33A Fourth Street, San Antonio Village, Apas, Lahug

Duz Grill

7. Salinas Restaurant

Salinas Restaurant by Golden Cowrie offers refreshingly Filipino cuisine. It's a relatively new restaurant with a very nice and neat yet vibrant interiors. You will be delighted with the food because they added some twists to your usual Filipino food favorites. 

For a great place with really good food like Salinas, the price you pay is totally worth it. It won't necessarily break the bank but be prepared because for sure, you'll order a lot! 

Must-Try: Crispig's Ears, Manong's Real Balls, Chilled Taho (actually I want to put everything!)
Location: Salinas Drive, Lahug

Salinas Restaurant

8. Kogi Q

Kogi Q is a Korean restaurant that offers an all-you-can eat and all-you-can-cook experience for just Php 270 per person (price subject to change). The all-you-can-eat comes with unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea too. So really, just cook and eat all you can and remember to eat only what you really can.

It's a big place and can get crowded but you'll have a unique smoky experience. Also, make sure it's your last stop for the day because remember, you'll be cooking and you probably don't want to smell like hotdogs or bacon (or maybe you do? lol) if you still have some place to go after dining.

Must-Try: Try everything that's available! Just make sure you get just enough. ;) 
Location: Park Mall (outside the mall)

Kogi Q

9. La Vie Parisienne

La Vie is the first French Boulangerie, Pastry Shop & Wine Library in Cebu. There's a great overview of tasty french wines and products in a charming space that lights up at night with faux cherry blossoms. 

They have a wine bar/cellar. A pretty nice tunnel-like wine bar where at most only one group of friends can occupy so it's basically a first come, first served basis. I know it's quite overrated now because the place can get really crowded at night, but I've had the best experience there with my best friends over a big bottle of good tequila. 

Must-Try: French macarons, Croissant
Location: #371 Gorordo Avenue, Lahug

La Vie Parisienne

10. Fudge

I've tried Fudge in Ayala Center but they actually have other branches you can try too like in A.S. Fortuna street and Lava by Fudge at SM City and SM Seaside. I was there with my college friend who visited town. I figured we could chat over chocolate and it turned out to be a great idea. 

I love, love their choco lava cake. It's perfection! When you're feeling chocoholic, Fudge is definitely IT. 

Must-Try: Choco Lava Cake, Ice Cream Cake
Location: 4th Level, Ayala Center

Fudge Cebu

11. Brique Modern Kitchen

My friend once celebrated her birthday at Brique in Salinas Drive. I instantly fell in love with its rustic interior. They now have another branch in Ayala Center which is also really lovely!

I loved the big food servings and the great customer service too. The staff was very helpful, accommodating and never gave us a headache even with our many requests. 

Must-Try: Truffled Shoe-String Potatoes, Classic Caesar (there are so many!)
Location: Salinas Drive

Brique Modern Kitchen

12. Dessert Factory

I've been to this place countless of times - both in Salinas and Ayala. The food never fails to satisfy my tummy. Although it's called Dessert Factory, they also serve meals aside from desserts. The Salinas branch has a cozy interior especially when you're in the second level.

Must-Try: Macaroni Bites, Green Tea Matcha Smoothie
Location: Salinas Drive (also in Ayala Center & F. Ramos)

Dessert Factory

There you go foodventurers! For one, my experience will probably not be the same as yours so don't take my word for this. Just go, now. And try them. Explore your options! ;) I should have more to add to this list soon so if you can, please leave your suggestions below.

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