Why Australia Could Be Your Photographic Heaven

No matter what kind of photography you love to do, and no matter what kind of camera you love to do it with, you need a fabulous subject for each shot. Do you enjoy portrait photography? You might be looking for interesting people in fascinating situations. Are landscapes more your thing? Then you could be hunting for extraordinary natural features, and astonishing places.

Kalye Serye Cebu: Colors & Hues

There are times when photos speak for themselves in black and white. There are also times when photos are best with colors. I can't say I have a favorite between black and white and colored photos. They're both fascinating in their own ways. And sometimes, it really just depends on my mood. 

Photo Evolution: How Has Your Style Changed?

One good thing about digital photography is that there are so many genius ways to take great photos, as well as a ton of platforms and ways to save and retrieve your photos easily. With the rise of camera technology, day by day and year by year, experts seem to discover more and more amazing ways to capture photos and create memories.

Kalye Serye Cebu: The Other Side

Most of the time we're mesmerized with the beauty of what's around us. Why not? Because the world is beautiful. The world is beautiful in so many ways. But sometimes there are things of beauty that are unusual, out of this world, or perhaps things in or on the other side that we may not fully appreciate. 

12 Awesome Cebu Foodie Spots For Your Next Foodventures

12 Awesome Cebu Foodie Spots For Your Next Foodventures

Wherever you go and whatever you do, food will always be an integral part of your adventures. I could be wrong. But you know I'm right. ;) Right? In Cebu alone, there are so many wonderful and must-visit foodie spots that a day or two or even a week won't be enough. 

Hidden Beach Resort: A Quiet Sunday Getaway

Hidden Beach Resort, Aloguinsan, Cebu

Hidden Beach in Aloguinsan, Cebu is a gem tucked in the stunning corner of the province. Somehow it lives up to its name. Being hidden has an advantage because it isn't over-crowded with tourists and locals. And that's exactly where I wanted to be last weekend. 

Could You Take Your Hobby To The Dizzy Heights?

*Photo from Unsplash

Hobbies are passions we devote our spare time to. But what if you could turn an interest into a job? Do you have a hobby, which could start earning you money? If so, why not take things to the next level, and try and start a job, which makes every day enjoyable and exciting? If you follow your dreams, the days of clockwatching could be long gone.

Kalye Serye Cebu: Scenes of Daily Life

“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” – Eve Arnold

Struggling To Get That Perfect Shot? Here's What You Need To Know

Life can be tough for an amateur photographer. It all starts with a simple thought: the desire to take better pictures. Your smartphone does a good job taking the odd holiday snap. But you want something a little better; something that’s really going to show off your skill as a photographer. 

Change The Way You See Happiness

Change The Way You See Happiness

The great Gautama Buddha once said, your work is to discover your world and with all your heart give yourself into it.