14 Hacks For Establishing A Solid Instagram Account

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Hello everyone! I've been so busy lately, but of course, I'm not complaining! Ha! This explains why I've accepted blog post contributions over here as I think it's a great way to keep quality content streaming on my blog without worrying too much about it. 

Today, we have Susan Smith, a Social Media Strategist & Content Manager at iDigic and she will talk about tips to establish a solid Instagram account. I totally wanted to accept this contribution since part of my job now is to manage my clients' social media accounts. And honestly, it can be quite overwhelming if you don't have the right tools to use. 

So here, let me have Susan do the talking.

It is common to come across the Instagram account of a business and get dumbfounded on how they are able to get a huge number of likes and followers. And even from where they are able to get hold of the splendid and amazing pictures. 

If you are a social media marketing manager who is managing Instagram and other social platforms, this is something that you strive for. Huge following, attractive images, and incredible engagement are your major goals and achieving them is not tough. 

Hacks For Establishing A Solid Instagram Account
*Brand Awareness

All you need to know is certain hacks which can bring in the required brand awareness and customers for your business. So, let’s check some of the strategies you need to follow.

1) Dynamic Bio-Link

The presence of a single clickable link to your Instagram account is great as you can change it often. Rather than using your homepage URL, you can use the link to your bio to promote special promotions or the latest content. This strategy can assist you in measuring the social media traffic from particular pages of your Instagram platform.

2) Get A Strong Call To Action For Your Bio

No doubt, your Instagram bio is quite significant. And you need to make sure that you utilize this particular section by having a strong call to action (as a marketing term, call to action (CTA) means an instruction to your viewers to do something). 

Try to go for a short, snappy call to action limited to about 150 characters. Make sure that the CTA is robust, yet no-nonsense and simple. Furthermore, a strong CTA needs to be a no-brainer for your audience. As you are aware that they will check out your bio, so try to make it worthwhile for them by providing something that they will love. 

3) Adding Line Breaks To Your Captions And Bio

Sometimes, you might have noticed Instagram feeds having long captions sans line breaks. Of course, you will continue to scroll them without giving a second look. Reading a huge block of text is hard. 

The best part is that there are various strategies you can use to convert the ugly and boring text into engaging and organized paragraphs. You can even use various apps . For example, for iOS users, they need to use the notepad app to add line breaks.

*Statistics Of Content

4) Following Other Instagram Users

Many experts feel that the key for content marketing is copying others, and for the Instagram platform it is not different. Just use the right tool and you can replicate the success other brands had in terms of the number of users. 

For example, you can use the tool Crowdfire. It allows individuals to keep track of certain brands and follow their users. Plus, you have the option to unfollow those who have not followed you. 

Hacks For Establishing A Solid Instagram Account

5) Get Accustomed With Instagram Lingo

Hashtags are the best method to make it easy for individuals to search for your content on Instagram. In other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, you can search using keywords. 

But in Instagram, you need to use hashtags, and they must be based on the niche you are using. For example, if you want to search for marketing related post, you need to use the hashtag #marketing. 

Hacks For Establishing A Solid Instagram Account

Besides these niche specific hashtags, there are certain universal ones which provide more visibility to your posts. Some of them are ‘#tbt’, ‘#instagood’, ‘#photooftheday’ and more. 

6) Build Network

Not only in real life, but in the social media sphere, networking can work wonders. You can come across accounts on Instagram that do ‘share for a share’ where your content appears on other pages, provided if you do the same. 

It is simple, and all you need to do is a quick search for pages related to your industry. It is not hard to find them, and you can easily get in touch with them, but keep in mind to not expect anything in return. 

Sometimes you might not get the instant assistance, but later you will get tenfold of what you have done.

7) Modify Instagram Photo’s Size

Do you have a snap taken a long time ago, but is apt for posting on Instagram? Well, it is great but don’t rush to post it immediately. Try to make sure that it is cropped and sized correctly. Here you can manually try to crop the pictures so that they fit the Instagram dimension or use the Landscape tool. 

8) Go For Instagram Shoutouts

Sometimes most of us spend hundreds of dollars on getting shoutouts from other famous accounts. Still, you do have the option to try the manual method of researching for the famous accounts relevant to your field of business and communicate with them. 

Hacks For Establishing A Solid Instagram Account

You can ask them if they are willing to do an Instagram shoutout for you and how much it is going to cost you. Here, there is no harm in making payment, as you are gaining access to a larger network.

9) Selecting And Using Right Applications

A significant advantage of Instagram is its simplicity, but it does come with a cost. Since Instagram has a minimalist approach, there are certain features which you won’t get in making you an efficient marketer like video and advanced image editing. In such instances, you need to depend on the external apps, and there are many useful ones available online.

10) Provide Teasers 

Are you planning on making a huge announcement on Instagram? Rather than waiting for the day when you are going to make the decision, you can post series of teasers to make your audience intrigued. Yes! Teasers are the best method to keep individuals from visiting your Instagram account frequently and on a regular basis. 

11) Try To Customize Instagram Feed

Various brands are following creative strategies where they use the grid-style feed of Instagram. And one of the most famous tactics is creating long full-size banners from various posts. Many online apps can help in creating Instagram banners. These apps will take a full image and divide it into individual Instagram posts. 

12) Get A Strong Call To Action For Each Snaps

Adding a call to action under the description of each photo is necessary as it will be more relevant to the picture. But it will not be similar to the one used in the bio. This CTA is a reminder to individuals about the action they can do. By adding a CTA to your snap, you are reminding your followers to like your picture or comment on it. 

Hacks For Establishing A Solid Instagram Account
*CTA For Pictures

13) Tag And Repost Content Of Influencers

Sharing content from other users is one of the best methods to create a relationship on social media platforms. Pinterest has repins and Twitter has retweets, but Instagram doesn’t have any built-in feature to reshare the post of others. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot tag the content and photos of other users. Various Instagram tools like Repost and Websta assist you in resharing the photos of other users without cropping or taking a screenshot. 

14) Posting Clear And Precise Photos

You don’t need to go for a photography course to learn the basic skills of taking photos or to prevent the photos from looking like they have been taken from an old and technologically-backward flip phone. 

You need to learn certain hacks in photography like using natural lights, choosing the best focal point, selecting beautiful and vibrant color matters; to ensure that the photo is interesting and attractive. 

Hacks For Establishing A Solid Instagram Account
*Photography Hacks

Final Verdict

The best means of using Instagram is to create targeted views for your videos and pictures and gain a large following. With any social media platform, the best and most successful tactic is to be social and authentic. 

Now if Instagram is used correctly, then it can be one of the best visual ad channels for your brand as well as products. This will, in turn, lead to creating a healthy stream of revenue for your business. 

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