5 Practical Tips to Overcome Fear of Flying

Is the fear of flying an irrational phobia or a natural response to the world we live in today? When your hands shake as you buckle your seat belt, your stomach lurches at take-off, and you feel the need for a strong drink, what's really going on psychologically? 

Bocas Modern Patisserie Cebu

Bocas Modern Patisserie Cebu

Bonjour everyone! Bocas Modern Patisserie is the newest slice of heaven in town. Thanks to Chef Jean Louis Leon, Cebuanos now have a chance to taste modern French pastries. So if you dig this kind of foodie adventure, you will definitely love Bocas (bocas means mouth).

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp for Professionals

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp for Professionals

Ever since I started working online, I’ve been on the lookout for relevant ways to add value to my job as a content specialist. After all, I chose this job and so far, I’m happy with it. When I heard about the Social Media Marketing Bootcamp for Professionals, I immediately checked it out and see whether it would be a good fit for me. And it turned out to be really meaningful! 

[July Challenge] Radiate Happiness

CBTL July Challenge: Radiate Happiness Everywhere

I feel like dead meat when I reach my holy hour, wherein I find myself just staring at the computer screen when I should be writing for work. You guys, writing for a living is never easy! That's why for the sake of my sanity, I decided to blog right now without really anything in mind. 

Hey, hey! Lord of the Ribs, Anyone?

Lord of the Ribs Cebu

A spontaneous & quick food trip brought me (and two blogger friends) to Lord of the Ribs last Wednesday. When it comes to ribs, I think it's good that there are lots of foodie spots to choose from. Not all can satisfy the tummy, so let's see whether Lord of the Ribs lives up to its name. 

URBAN CRAVE - Cebu's Newest Foodie Spot!


Holahh food lovers! Urban Crave is the newest and trendiest restaurant in the city that you should all watch out for. This New York-themed restaurant has a very cool and cozy vibe that will surely let you enjoy a unique dining experience.