Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon

You know me. I admire all things a photographer does but after dipping my own toes into this craft, I admire all of you photographers even more, and more each day. Photography takes so much creativity and experiments!

Back story: I really wanted to have a DSLR but it's expensive and it's not like I'm gonna use it everyday. Plus I have many priorities... so when the time came that my friend offered to sell her camera because she hadn't used it at all, I decided to get it and just because it's half the original price and it's practically untouched. I just need to practice and it's great for beginners, I thought. 

So I think I'm really just happy that I got a camera for a cheap price and since I only got it from my friend, I didn't have to pay for it in full.

During my first few days of learning to shoot, I slowly read the entire user's manual, and just focused on the basics first. The rest are so hard to understand so maybe I'll go back to them next time. I relied on the internet to learn most of the things I won't get from the manual and when I was photographing the entire afternoon last Wednesday, it dawned on me -- wow, this is so cool but this isn't a piece of cake too! 

Here are my aha moments!

My Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon

1. Getting started is not that easy. 

I've been reading and practicing as much as I can and thankfully, I'm now quite familiar with my camera settings. I just realized that learning all the settings and making things right are not easy to begin with. It's also not easy to keep adjusting the settings to get exactly what you desired in a photograph. And sometimes it can be frustrating that after you've tried your best to make it perfect, you're still left with a crappy photo. 

But all these little frustrations keep me going! They make me want to go out more, explore, and practice. And one day, with enough practice, I'll be able to do things right -- and even when that day comes, I'm never going to stop learning at all. 

2. I generally shy away from people who see me taking photos. 

My Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon

I realized that if I want to succeed in photograpy, I have to stop thinking about what others think of me when taking photos. Truth be told, I tend to shy away and hide when people see me taking photos. I don't exactly know why. 

I shy away when people see me taking photos using my phone. How much more now that I'm bringing a bigger camera? When I was walking alone at the baywalk last week, I wore my camera strap around my neck and started taking photos, and tried as much as possible to be bolder and intentional. 

That time, I didn't think I felt shy because I was alone and I knew that nobody there knew me. So I just moved on with my business and snapped away! I'm better off taking photos alone, I supposed. 

3. I take a million shots of one thing and none of them seems right. 

My Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon
My Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon

Sometimes, I take a million or a gazillion (you know what I mean) snaps or shots of things and end up deleting them all because none of them fits my taste or none of them looks... good. Ahhh, the horror! Photography truly tests one's patience. Maybe it's true when they say your worst critic is yourself. 

4. Less or no photos of myself. 

My Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon
*Ahhh, shooting under the harsh sunlight! 

Which explains the many shoe shots last time. Because without a proper tripod, I have to accept that I'm often not in my photos. Or if I'm the one bringing the camera, I'm probably only going to see my face once or twice. 

There are a lot of things I can do about that though so it's not something I should worry about. ;) 

5. How to make time to sort through a million photos? 

See number 3 above. Gaahhh, I need tools, tools, tools. Also, it hurts to resize photos but I  have to because if I won't, my blog will explode. 

My Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon

6. When you get the perfect shot you desired - ahhh, the feels! 

Yes, there are frustrations. But there are also triumphs! When I figured that I get a photo right, I rejoice! When I feel like the photo is good in itself - just a few tuning and no filters or presets needed? I rejoice! Small things make me happy! 

7. There are so many photographers in the world and my work is really just to compete with myself. 

I mean, this is just me. When I look at other people's photos, I either feel inspired or frustrated because I can't achieve what they can achieve. But then again, photography is a creative process (like I always say), it's not about how others perform, it's about how you (how I) perform in a world where many budding photographers and professionals exist. 

To tell you honestly, all I want right now is to be better in taking photos day by day and to master my camera's settings first. Go out, explore, and experiment. That's it. ;) 

My Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon

Do you have any aha moments too?

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