10 Workspaces That Bring Serious Home Office Envy

As you might have already heard, this superwoman millenial wannabe traded her 7-year corporate job for an online homebased job. My job now as a content writer/specialist is supercalifragilistic! I wished I left my corporate job much earlier than planned. Ha! (Photo from Design Chaser

Anyway, my corporate days were over and seriously, despite the fact that it honed a lot of skills I thought I never had, just thinking of going back to it gives me headaches (but that's a different story). 

So since I'm now working from home, here I am again.. in search for practical and pretty home office ideas that I can incorporate to my humble abode. Because as you know, working from home also has its cons too - like sitting all day in front of the computer waiting for brilliant writing ideas to unfold (which as you know don't come when you're just sitting). 

Okay, so after scouring the web. Here are some of my favorite home workspaces that made me cry a little of home office envy! 

*Okay, I love the framed paintings, the carpet, the table & chair, and that little "hello" over there. So chic! Photo from Decoholic and Hello Fashion Blog

*That pink chair makes me go giddy! Photo from The House That Lars Built

*Ahhhhh, this is just SO PRETTY! Don't you think? Photo from Decoholic and Hello Fashion Blog

As you may have noticed, my taste right now is kind of minimalist white and pastel, with pretty things and accessories, inspirational decors, and homey feel all the way. Make me want to work all day! 

And although I'm also aware that these spaces are staged, my eyes are still gleaming with envy. Hahaha! I hope I can get close to recreating these designs (hello husband, listen to me here). 

 *A little extravagant but so classy that I can't help admiring this space. Photo from Simply Brittany and the artist

      *I love that quote. Photo from Apartment 34

          *You can probably say I love spaces with big windows too. Photo from My Paradissi

           *So much love for this space. Photo from By Garmi collections. 

            *I'm sold with the playful vibe and a pop of orange. Photo from Style At Home

            *By the window again. Photo from Avenue Lifestyle

There you go for today's favorites. Which one do you like best? ;) 

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