What's Inside Fort San Pedro Cebu?

A cloudy Sunday afternoon brought my restless feet to Fort San Pedro. I realized I haven't left the house that much last week because of heavy rain, so Sunday came and I supposed the weather was great to do some walking exercise.. and photographing. 

10 Workspaces That Bring Serious Home Office Envy

As you might have already heard, this superwoman millenial wannabe traded her 7-year corporate job for an online homebased job. My job now as a content writer/specialist is supercalifragilistic! I wished I left my corporate job much earlier than planned. Ha! (Photo from Design Chaser

[June Challenge] Work Toward Your Dreams

[June Challenge] Work Toward Your Dreams

I don't know why at some point, quitting blogging comes across my mind. Maybe because I tend to think a lot these days. The truth is -- overthinking has probably been a recurring behavior since I had a child. 

Pizza Break at Ruby Rocks With Cebu Bloggers

Quick Pizza at Ruby Rocks

For pizzaholics like me, a trip to any pizza place is bliss. So last week, after dinner at Akita Japanese Restaurant, dropping by Ruby Rocks Pizza & Pasta was pure delight! 

Photography Aha Moments That One Afternoon

You know me. I admire all things a photographer does but after dipping my own toes into this craft, I admire all of you photographers even more, and more each day. Photography takes so much creativity and experiments!

Foodie Feast at Akita Japanese Restaurant Cebu

Foodie Feast at Akita Japanese Restaurant Cebu

Everytime I come around anything Japanese, I always get interested. Having studied Nihongo for one year back in college, it seems like I have a familiar attachment with anything Japanese. And food is no exception! 

An Afternoon Alone at Naga Baywalk

Naga Baywalk

Wednesday - I found myself walking along the baywalk of a nearby town/city about 15 minutes away from home. It was 3:30 pm and I backpacked my way over there hoping to find some peace and quiet. And I did.