[May Challenge] Capture The Thought

[May Challenge] Capture The Thought

Wow, it's midyear! How surreal. And today, it's yet again my time to have a heart to heart talk with myself, and perhaps overshare about how my month had been. Allow me, will you? ;) This month's challenge is all about thinking before doing. 

Challenge of the Month

"Capture the thought. Before doing anything, ask yourself "Does this bring me closer to what I value?" If you chose career as the thing that you value, does what you are doing push yourself closer to being great at your career? If you chose relationships, are you doing things that would be beneficial for your relationships? Every small thing can cause a ripple effect in the whole scheme of things. Think before you do."

What's the point? 

It's about knowing what you really want in life - your vision and values. It's making sure that you do as much relevant things as you can. To me, it's like ensuring that when you make a risk, it's calculated. 

It's true, we make mistakes. Because sometimes we do before we think. But we have to admit that we can't just go living our lives without thinking of the consequences, of thinking what we should have done, or what we shouldn't have. 

[May Challenge] Capture The Thought

What I did

Sometimes I think of something and do it right away. Other times, I take so much time to think about things. Quite frankly, I'm not sure I've captured enough thoughts about my decisions this month except for one thing -- I decided to finally get a sickness and life insurance care of my VISA card. It's to be deducted from my account monthly. 

I think it's the one most important thing I have to decide on this month. I was thinking that since my online job doesn't provide HMO/health benefits, I should definitely get one for myself and my family. 

I have to say that I have a bad first impression with insurance companies because I've been tricked twice and ended up cancelling my insurance (not to mention I almost worked for another insurance company as a sales trainer & declined the job offer thrice). Okay, let's just say it's also my fault since I fell for the bogus marketing, TWICE. Sheesh, so much for second chances. And so I told myself that these insurance companies are not gonna get anything from me anymore. 

But then again. It's needed. It's also an investment. And we don't really know what's gonna happen in our lives. AND I can't imagine being pennyless just in case something bad happens (God forbid). So I changed my mind and said that ifever I'm going to ever get one, the company/provider has to be credible, reliable, and trusted. 

I consulted my friend who works for an insurance company since I figured he knows a lot about it and would know if a coverage is just fair for the price offered. Since I trust him and he said that the insurance offered to me is great for beginners - the coverage is just fair and it's not very expensive/ just something that I can actually afford monthly, I went for it and signed up. 

In fact, by October I'm going to end my postpaid plan and not renew it anymore, then put my postpaid budget to my insurance budget. Sounds promising huh. 

There, I think getting an insurance is one of the most mature decisions I've done and ever have to do (BTW, my insurance before was paid by my employer) that I feel brings me closer to what I value - family, health, and security. 

[May Challenge] Capture The Thought

Your turn! 

Anything you did this month that you feel brought or brings you closer to what you value? 


This monthly challenge is courtesy of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I'm currently using their 2016 The Giving Journal which includes a challenge every month. Not sponsored. I really just want to complete all 12 challenges. ;)

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