[May Challenge] Capture The Thought

[May Challenge] Capture The Thought

Wow, it's midyear! How surreal. And today, it's yet again my time to have a heart to heart talk with myself, and perhaps overshare about how my month had been. Allow me, will you? ;) This month's challenge is all about thinking before doing. 

Goin' Outdoors at Eden Nature Park & Resort

Getting to Eden Nature Park & Resort is easy especially if you have your own vehicle or you brought with you a rental car. We went there just when my father left for Manila and so we didn't have anyone to drive us. We had to take the 3-hour bus ride, then a cab (which was quite expensive because Eden is up in the mountains!). But like what I always say, it's not just the destination that matters, it's also the journey. *Wink! 

Sky Cycle at Davao's Eden Nature Park & Resort

I've waited a long time to finally try sky cycling. I remember I vowed to do it years ago when I found out it was in Davao but never really got to doing it. I didn't get the chance! Two weeks ago, I dragged my sister, mother, and Reiko to Eden Nature Park. I didn't want to leave until I try sky cycling. ;) 

Reiko's 5th At The Peak Garden

Reiko turned 5 last April 8. For real. I'm also 5 years old as a mom. For real. Every day is a place I've never been for this young boy and I. Good times. Bad times. All the times. I can't say everything's perfect but I can say I'm becoming more patient day by day. And that's for real too. 

In Photos: I Love The Farm Life ♥

Last Sunday was another breath of fresh air for me and the family. We drove an hour away from home to the farm to visit. Getting out of the house to go somewhere new after a full week of working is a good, good thing!