Reiko's 5th At The Peak Garden

Reiko turned 5 last April 8. For real. I'm also 5 years old as a mom. For real. Every day is a place I've never been for this young boy and I. Good times. Bad times. All the times. I can't say everything's perfect but I can say I'm becoming more patient day by day. And that's for real too. 

This is a very long overdue post. We went to The Peak Garden to celebrate Reiko's birthday with family and close friends. His birthday is often with water element so we chose The Peak - it was my first time but my mother said there's a swimming pool and that's what Reiko wants all the time so we're sold! 

I JUST WISHED I could have captured the beautiful place and beautiful faces better, what with my mobile phone and a dim lighted environment (again, the bane of every blogger's or photographer's existence as mentioned on my previous post, lol). Plus I was too busy swimming and chatting with friends, hah! 

I guess you really have to go there to experience it yourself. ;) Go up to the third floor and the fourth too. 

It was Friday night, yet we had the place to ourselves! That was such a bonus. I love The Peak's spacious, cozy environment and homey feel, for sure. Plus, I love their baked chicken! 

 *We didn't prepare. Good thing there was no strict swimming dress code. 

So we had to drag Reiko out of the pool so he could blow his candle. This kid loves the water so much! He was quite surprised when we started singing Happy Birthday, lol! 

Ahhh, growing up too fast my love! I cry!


The Peak Garden
129 Jose Catolico Avenue, Lagao
General Santos City
Check their Facebook page for more info. 

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