[April Challenge] Strike A Balance

[April Challenge] Strike A Balance

It's easy to focus on just one thing. But with the fast-paced lifestyle we have now, people juggle a lot of things at once. I, for one, want to focus on just one thing if I can - but if I do that, I feel like I'll miss on a lot of things in life, which is why I think striking a balance in everything I do is very important. 

This month just came by like a flash of lightning. In fact, tomorrow is already the last day of April, and I almost forgot to share this month's challenge. 

Challenge of the Month

"Focusing too much on just one thing - your career, partying with friends, or being a devoted girlfriend - will keep you from living life to the fullest. Learn to strike a balance between work and play, family and friends, or even your love interest and your own personal growth."

What's the point? 

I guess life is so diverse and exciting to just focus on one thing. But I also think that it comes down to your personal preference. If you have a specific goal in mind that's to be done on a certain time frame, then you might choose to focus on that first before moving on to something else. But even then, you can still find even just a little time for fun or for your hobbies! 

What I did? 

I've been really focused on my work since I started, and that's because I want to save up for many things. My friend once said that I should get another job since I'm just working at home and maybe there's room for more. But I decided not to, because I'm already working an 8-hour job and I still want to focus a lot of my time for Reiko. 

It's not easy, but this life is worth living! I work, and make it a point for Reiko and I to bond every day even if it's just over breakfast or snacks. We try to go out from time to time when heat is tolerable outside. When I have time, I blog and blog hop too. And go out with friends once in a while. 

Also, I haven't focused much on hand lettering these past few months. I'm thinking of spending some time doing that too, just for some self-development kind of thing. And when I finally get my camera, I also vowed to spend time learning everything I have to about it. 

The other day we went to my high school friend's son's birthday party, so that Reiko could enjoy with some kids. 

[April Challenge] Strike A Balance
[April Challenge] Strike A Balance
[April Challenge] Strike A Balance
*Ahhh, Reiko's signature smile! Haha

How was your month? Hope you all had a fantastic April! And wishing you all a great start of May. ;)


This monthly challenge is courtesy of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I'm currently using their 2016 The Giving Journal which includes a challenge every month. Not sponsored. I really just want to complete all 12 challenges. ;)

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