6 Blissfully Crazy Reasons Why I'm Absent From Blogging

6 Blissfully Crazy Reasons Why I'm Absent From Blogging

Hello blogosphere! I have to admit - my blogging schedule has slowed down for the past couple of weeks. Being in my hometown seems to drag the pace of my life from super fast to super slow, but in a nice sort of way. The days actually surprise me, like how it's already April now and it's Reiko's 5th birthday tomorrow.

If you know me well, you know I wouldn't just abandon my blog or give up blogging. But if you're a blogger yourself, there will be dry days and dry months when you can't blog - just like the dry and hot summer days we have now in my part of the world. 

I know I've mentioned on my previous post that I won't be guilty anymore if there are times when I can't blog frequently. In truth, I thought now that I'm working at home, I'll have more time to blog than when I was working in the corporate world. It turns out to be a little different. And I guess it's okay. 

I'm still gaining my momentum in this new-found career I'm in. I'm still collecting adventures, and memories, and experiences, and many others to cherish.

Life has been blissfully crazy but peaceful though and here are 6 reasons why I haven't blogged frequently lately. 

1.  I write everyday. 

And I mean because my job entails writing blog content daily since I now work as a content specialist. You would think that because I'm writing everyday, I'm fueled to blog more. Ironically, not so much right now. Maybe because I also want to take a break from writing for work that I also tend to not blog over here for a while. Sometimes it makes my head blank. 

I know I love writing. Is there such thing as too much writing? I don't know. What I feel is that because I need to squeeze my creative juices everyday, my brain tends to get dry sometimes leaving me nothing but dead air in my head. Does that even make sense?

6 Blissfully Crazy Reasons Why I'm Absent From Blogging

Man, whoever said that writing is easy has never tried to do it for a living. Writing for a living is pretty challenging. I like it though because I learn so much. Like so much that I don't know of before. It's a win-win situation. 

To get my daily dose of writing, I write down my thoughts on my journal before starting the day or before going to sleep.

2. I'm trying to follow my daily routine as religiously as I can. 

Right now I'm blogging - which I'm not supposed to do because I should be sleeping (based on my daily schedule). But you know when you just want to break your routine sometimes? Today is that day. And most likely tomorrow too. 

So long story short, as much as I can, I want to follow my daily schedule to consider my health and also my family's sanity. I don't have a very strict schedule. In fact, my work hours are flexible but I want to make sure I get used to the feeling of this kind of lifestyle I'm in now. 

During my "free" time, I read, write on my journal, comment on blogs, clean the house, play with Reiko, or scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feed (in case you don't know, I have already scheduled my social media time).  

3. It's scorching hot. LIKE HELL HOT. 

I'm not exaggerating. You can listen to our local or national news or read the papers - our hometown has the hottest recorded temperature ever this year. I'm not quoting how many degrees Celsius. Just trust me when I say that it's super mega hot. Like a heatwave! There are even grass fires and forest fires now. :( 

It's hot even during the evening. And please - we don't have AC at home. Good thing we have a gazillion electric fans. The water level from our deep well has significantly gone down too. We didn't have source of water for about 5 days! I thought I'm going to die of dehydration! 

This heat is probably why my brain gets dry sometimes. And I don't want to look at the screen during the day because it makes my whole body heat up - so no blogging for me. 

4.  Husband arrived last week. 

Family time is important. He will go back to Cebu next week. And the rest is history.

6 Blissfully Crazy Reasons Why I'm Absent From Blogging

5. I don't have my own computer yet. 

So I left my desktop PC in Cebu. I'm currently borrowing either my sister's laptop or my father's desktop computer. I do get to use either of the computers a lot more than my sister and my father do because of my job, so the time when I'm not working is the time when they get to use their computers. LOL

6 Blissfully Crazy Reasons Why I'm Absent From Blogging

6. I watch too much TV series. 

It makes my head so confused. I don't watch TV back in Cebu because we don't have one. We can live with computers. But since I'm home, I follow my favorite local TV series every night, and the transition from action, teen drama, comedy, to adult drama makes my mind race. It seems like my mind has a mind of its own! 


Thank you for reading this personal life update. As always, I write about my personal life here whenever I'm comfortable. I hope you find the fuel to fire your blogging game! ;) 

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