[March Challenge] Break The Routine

So this is how it is when you're working at/from home. The routine is killing me, pffft. But that's really just me and by the way, I also need routine in my life, especially if I want to avoid sleep debt. And not mess up my circadian rhythms whatsoever.

Which is why this month's challenge is very timely. It's very simple, yet quite hard to accomplish when you don't make an effort to make it happen. 

Challenge of the Month 
"Sticking to the same routine day in and day out can definitely burn you out. Your challenge, once in a while, change things up! Even little changes can spice up an ordinary day: an impromptu coffee date with an old colleague or friend, a scenic detour on the way to work, catching a magical sunset. Learn to see what's spectacular in every day." 

What's the point? 
The point is that routine gets boring. Although it keeps you safe, it also restricts you from leaving your comfort zone. And when the time comes that you indeed need to go out and do something different, you get scared. Or paranoid.. because you haven't done it before. Or you're not used to doing it. 

That said, routine can be lethal (I'm probably exaggerating but you know what I mean) so break it. There's beauty everywhere! 

What I did? 
I guess I can say that I've been breaking my routine quite a lot since I came here to my hometown. Because I'm that kind of person. I want to do something a little different everyday, both for myself and Reiko. And at some point, it broke my budget! Hah! I went a little overboard with all the eating out. 

But then again, I also learned to balance things out so I won't spend too much and unnecessarily. I had to slow down this week and evaluate whether eat out or cook out is a better choice. 

[March Challenge] Break The Routine
 *Intended to eat at The Pancake House but ended up not ordering pancake at all. Sheesh.

[March Challenge] Break The Routine
 *A Nutella pizza is my idea of breaking the routine, what say you? 

*Going to a local festival is definitely a quick way to break the monotony of everyday life. 

[March Challenge] Break The Routine
 *Or a novel from Rainbow Rowell. Not done with this yet but loving it so far. This gives me my much needed break from the screens. 

[March Challenge] Break The Routine
 *A rather unexpected Saturday night out with college friends. 

[March Challenge] Break The Routine
*Especially singing the same old songs we were singing back in college and laughing at ourselves because we don't know Ariana Grande songs. LOL

Your turn! 
When was the last time you did something a little different? What's your idea of breaking the routine? Take note: it doesn't have to be grand; it just needs to be a little different from your usual daily activities. 


This monthly challenge is courtesy of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I'm currently using their 2016 The Giving Journal which includes a challenge every month. Not sponsored. I really just want to complete all 12 challenges. ;)

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