Saturdate at Picture-Perfect Coffee Studio

Coffee Studio - Gensan City

I spent the whole of yesterday catching up with college besties, and I must say it was a fun (and hot but still fun) Saturdate! 

[March Challenge] Break The Routine

So this is how it is when you're working at/from home. The routine is killing me, pffft. But that's really just me and by the way, I also need routine in my life, especially if I want to avoid sleep debt. And not mess up my circadian rhythms whatsoever.

In Photos: Lemlunay Dive Resort

Our 3rd and last stop: Lemlunay Dive Resort 

It was really just a quick stop to rest and eat lunch, coming from our adventures at Sarangani Highlands and Oceanview. We didn't even take a dip at their swimming pool. We pretty much just walked around, talked, and listened to the acoustic band playing. So this is just a short post.