Snapshots Saturday
*FERRIS WHEEL. Ferris wheels remind me that the world is round. Sometimes, you are up. Sometimes you are down. You can't have everything but you still learn to be happy with what you have.

These photos were taken last year when I was in the middle of my now defunct 365project, thus the title #lategrams. I admit that for the past few weeks of heat here in my hometown, I'm too scared to go out during the day. 

Reiko had a 39 degree-fever (a first time in his life) one night because of too much heat and immediately after that, I was down with bad cough too.

These are my favorite photos though. After our company year-end party, my husband picked me up at SRP Grounds in Cebu and we dropped by the carnival park nearby. I love carnivals! They seem to bring delight to most people. They also show me a different perspective in life. 

Snapshots Saturday
*MERRY GO ROUND. Small version of a merry-go-round. It's already almost closing time when we went but this one's usually a hit. 

Snapshots Saturday
*BLACK AND WHITE. Life sometimes becomes a game of chance. 

Moving on from the carnival photos... 

Snapshots Saturday
*FLOWERS. Because I always pass by this place when I go to work and because, flowers. 

Snapshots Saturday
*WATER PUMP. This is probably the second time I'm featuring this traditional laundry area. And that's because it's totally epic for me. You won't see this anymore in a lot of houses nowadays because people already have high-end washing machines. 

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