Road Trip Up The Beautiful Ocean View

 *Do you see that tiny paraglider up there? Yeah we hope to do that soon! It's a pretty scary ride up.

Take more adventures. That's one of the many things that I want to do more of this year, although without putting pressure to myself at all. I work at home full time so I don't really go out a lot during weekdays that's why I find it really important to go out on weekends and explore. On my previous post, I shared about our highlands adventure during our Valentine's Day road trip. 

My other friend is a real estate broker and she wanted to show us a property they're selling that she said has a great view of the ocean. (Well this is not sponsored but do let me know if you're from nearby and interested. I'll connect you over to her.) Since it's just along the way, we decided to stop by and we didn't regret it because we had the best view ever. 

Our 2nd stop: Sarangani Ocean View

Sarangani Oceanview
*We don't have the best roads but we're thankful for this cemented road in the province. 

Sarangani Oceanview
*We sat by this tree overlooking the beautiful bay. It was scorching hot but the tree did its job very well by giving us just the right amount of shade. All we needed was some really good music and maybe booze, lol, but nahhh someone's gotta drive. 

Sarangani Oceanview
Sarangani Oceanview
*I looked at the ocean and it's very calm and peaceful.

Sarangani Oceanview
Sarangani Oceanview
*Soon, when I have enough money. ;)

*It's also a pretty scary ride down but we had sooo much fun!! 

There's really not much to say. We had a great conversation - talked a lot, laughed a lot, and relieved so many memories. It's amazing how we've still stayed best friends despite the distance, and after so many years. 

My next post is the third and last stop of our short road trip. See ya! 


Sarangani Ocean View Subdivision
Sitio Siguel, Brgy. Tinoto, Maasim, Sarangani Province

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