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When it comes to blogging, user experience is very essential. Your blog visitors may have a different experience than you when browsing your blog and you don't actually get to ask them all the time about it. Recommendations and feedback are always good to improve your blog and the overall user experience. 

A few months back, I came through Peek User Testing and decided to take advantage of their free service. 

What is Peek User Testing? 
It's basically getting a peek into the mind of your users. You just need to enter your blog URL to their website then you'll receive a 5-minute video of a real person using your site. The video was delivered to my email inbox after 24 hours. 
Usability testing—the process of evaluating a site or product’s usability by letting real people try it—has been around for decades. Initially, it was so expensive and complex that only big companies could afford it.

What are the benefits?
These are the benefits in my own opinion. 

1. You will get an honest user experience feedback since you don't really know the person testing your blog. 

2. You have the opportunity to improve your blog and make it more user-centered in terms of usability and functionality through the recommendations and constructive feedback provided. 

3. You can save money because it's free, although there's also an option to upgrade or subscribe but with a fee, of course. 

Here's mine! Wanna try? Just enter your blog URL to Peek's website

*Nope, this is not a sponsored post. ;) 

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