Road Trip Up The Beautiful Ocean View

 *Do you see that tiny paraglider up there? Yeah we hope to do that soon! It's a pretty scary ride up.

Take more adventures. That's one of the many things that I want to do more of this year, although without putting pressure to myself at all. I work at home full time so I don't really go out a lot during weekdays that's why I find it really important to go out on weekends and explore. On my previous post, I shared about our highlands adventure during our Valentine's Day road trip. 

120 Minutes in Sarangani Highlands

You probably won't realize how challenging it is to schedule "a day without kids" for mothers. I do. Consider time, child care, money, and other external factors. Like when I planned this road trip with two of my high school best friends, it took us a week to "finalize" everything and even then, we haven't really come up with a concrete plan. Come what may, it is. ;) 


Snapshots Saturday
*FERRIS WHEEL. Ferris wheels remind me that the world is round. Sometimes, you are up. Sometimes you are down. You can't have everything but you still learn to be happy with what you have.

7 Easy Ways to Create an Engaging About Page

When I first visit a blog, I always look for human connection. Sometimes, that connection will determine whether I’m coming back or not. Usually, I can find that from the blog posts, the writing style, the comment section, and most especially the blogger's About Page.

Scenes of Sinulog 2016

Scenes of Sinulog 2016

I'm already quite late with January's Snapshots Saturday, apparently because it's already February and months are getting by so freakin' fast, what is wrong with the earth? jk. This edition is interesting and special because I'm going to feature photos of some awesome bloggers & photographers. What do you say?

Sentiments of a N00b Mobile Snapshooter

We all have seen it. We all have seen how the art of taking photographs has evolved to a much different media along with the advent of the digital era. I remember how during our Photography class back in college, we practiced using a point and shoot camera. We were taught how to load a camera film and taught how to focus, adjust the aperture, and find the right angle.

Peek User Testing

When it comes to blogging, user experience is very essential. Your blog visitors may have a different experience than you when browsing your blog and you don't actually get to ask them all the time about it. Recommendations and feedback are always good to improve your blog and the overall user experience.