[January Challenge] Re-imagining Instagram

This year, I got myself a CBTL The Giving Journal and true to its goal to help people live a life that overflows, CBTL came up with a monthly challenge. Of course I wanted to play along from the beginning and see how it goes for the next few months. 

[January Challenge] Re-imagining Instagram

Challenge of the Month 

"Many times, we don't achieve our goals. Not because they weren't for us, but because we did not develop the character, discipline, and perseverance needed to defeat the doubts and challenges of doing something significant. Stop sabotaging your own dreams. Think about what you want to accomplish and do whatever it takes to achieve it."

One month maybe a little short for a goal, or maybe not so I thought of one really realistic thing I want to accomplish this month - reimagining my Instagram profile! Is there such thing as Instagram obsession? I think I have quite a serious case of that lately, lol. 

Instagram is a great platform to show your creative side or to just post random photos. It's totally up to you how you'd use it. At first, I never really cared too much about it and just posted photos randomly - that was the era of snap and post. These days, there are already so many different and creative ways to compose your photos and a lot of free editing tools available to enhance them.

What's the point? 

Last December, I impulsively started a 365 project wherein I would post one photo a day for 365 days or in this year's case, 366 days. I've already reached my 45th day when I decided to stop it. Because, I'm losing the point of it all. There were days when I just couldn't take a photo and sometimes I would tend to snap a photo of something not really interesting to me just so I could post daily. 

Eventually I felt that my 365 project didn't serve its purpose anymore, which was to take better photographs day by day. I've always wanted to bring out the creative side in me, which I wasn't sure of. I thought I just wanted to use Instagram to post random photos but I wanted something else! I wanted more, and I wanted to be more creative with my Instagram photos. 

We all have different reasons why we're using Instagram. In my case, I want to showcase photos of things and life events that really interest me in the most creative way possible. I'm constantly looking for inspirations and I follow lots of Instagram creatives.

What I did? 

I deleted most of my Instagram photos that don't fit my taste anymore - too dark, too blurry, not focused, doesn't make sense, etc. I mean, if I want to improve, I have to be honest with myself. Most of those photos were also shared on Facebook so the memories still remain. ;) Out of 400+ photos, only around 180 were left! I wasn't too harsh, was I? 

At one point, I thought of deleting the landscape photos and stick to the original square photos of Instagram.. but naahh, there are really some photos that look better in landscape so I kept them. Whew! 

Most creatives I follow would usually advise to maintain using the same filter or preset for all photos. I want a clean, sunny, and bright Instagram feed that shows my daily adventures but I'm quite the experimental kind so I'd like to keep trying different presets (I use VSCO to edit my photos) without losing the personality of my Instagram feed (I love colors!), which also reflects a bit of my personality too. 

It was so hard for me to delete most of my photos but I wanted to do it, so I did! It's a simple challenge to myself to take and make better photos and show people how beautiful the world is using Instagram as a platform.

Your turn! 

Is there something you want to accomplish this month? Or next month? Why don't you start doing it now? ;) 

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