7 Easy Ways to Create an Engaging About Page

When I first visit a blog, I always look for human connection. Sometimes, that connection will determine whether I’m coming back or not. Usually, I can find that from the blog posts, the writing style, the comment section, and most especially the blogger's About Page.

Without a doubt, the About Page sets the connection between the blogger and the reader. Just imagine going through the entire pages of someone’s blog and you were so hooked that you want to know more about the blogger and establish connection right away. 

Of course, you visit the About Page to learn about the blogger behind the awesome blog you’re reading and then boom! “Hello world! My name is XXX. I’m so glad you’re here and feel free to roam around.” Bonus is that you can’t see a photo of your maybe soon-to-be BFF blogger anywhere on the page or if there’s a photo, you can barely even see the face. How will you feel? I’d be like – ahhhh, WHY??!

I’d like to say though that uploading an author photo is rather a personal choice of the blogger. We can’t blame her if she wants to remain mysterious – her blog, her choice. But at the very least, if you want people to know that you’re a real person and trust you as a blogger or eventually if you want to score sponsored posts or advertising opportunities, you have to have a decent and engaging About Me page.

I’ve learned to adjust and edit mine from time to time to include the changes that happened in my life. You want it to be updated! What you write and how you write your About Page is really your own personal choice. It’s up to you how much information and details you’re comfortable to disclose.

Find some inspiration here today. Here are 7 Easy Ways to Create an Engaging About Page

1. Speak with your readers as if you’re introducing yourself in person. 
Set the tone of your About Page. Personally, I want to make it more conversational rather than stiff and serious, which is why the title of this post is 7 Things You  Need For An Engaging About Page. 

You engage your readers in a conversation and as much as possible make them feel at home and comfortable. Something to that effect. This is more of a personal choice but I prefer using the first person I rather than the third person She on my About Page.

2. Give your readers basic information about you. 
But like I said, this part is really up to how comfortable you are sharing about yourself in public. I share my complete name, age, the city where I live (don’t give out your complete address), my marital status, education, my job (but not the name of the company), my son’s nick name and his age, as well as my hobbies and interest.

Also, advertisers and brands would like to know who you are and see if you’re a good fit for their company and the About Page is the best place for them to gather those pieces of information.

3. Tell them what you’re expert at.
It also helps to build trust and establish authority over a subject matter. Readers will know you’re the right person to go to if they need something or if they have questions and that your blog is the best resource they have when it comes to something they’re looking for.

4. Add enough photos to support your text.
Readers love photos! Looking at photos make them feel that you are a real person and that you can be trusted. Photos can definitely build human connection and establish relationship. Sooner or later, that one person who got to read your About Page might be a loyal follower or reader. I usually add photos of myself and my adventures as well as photos of my favorite things and places.

7 Easy Ways to Create an Engaging About Page

5. Tell your readers what to expect from your blog. 
So you introduced yourself and your readers already know at least a little bit of who you are but they don’t exactly know what you’re blogging about. It’s a great idea to give them a gist of what to expect from your blog, what you write about, what your goals are, and why you’re blogging.

6. Invite them to join your blogging journey.
Your blog is not just about you, it’s also about your readers so they should also be part of your journey. Without your readers, your blog would be lonely. Invite them to stay connected on social media and let them know they can drop a message anytime.

7. Be genuine and stay true. 
Never ever fake your About Page. It’s not worth it. People will find out eventually. You can be mysterious if you like but I don’t think it’s a good idea to lie about who you are.


Are you ready to update or rewrite your About Page? Let me know if you do and I’ll be very happy to visit and read it. Remember that there are no official rules in writing your About Page, what I’ve stated above are things that work for me and may work for you too to make your readers believe and trust you more and what you have to say.

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