Time For Big Decisions, Hello 2016!

Here I am writing this on the last day of 2015 (real-time and not scheduled), while the husband is still sleeping and the little rockstar is watching Disney on TV. At this point, I've already read so many year-ender posts which made me ponder how I'd start and end mine. 

Time For Big Decisions, Hello 2016!

Awesome Christmas Party at Duz Grill Restaurant

I honestly thought I'd be broke with all the Christmas parties I had to attend this month. But then I told myself that these parties and gatherings don't happen all the time so I gave myself permission to just enjoy the holiday season. ;) 

Christmas at Duz Grill

Wellcome Hotel Cebu: Pearl's Fabulous At 30

They say that 30 is the new 20. I'm that person who isn't and won't be ashamed of my age. Not at all. In fact, I'm always proud as I reach another year and milestone in life. I'm 27 and although I still have 2 more years before turning 30, I'm quite excited and thrilled of what lies ahead. 

Pearl's Fabulous at 30 - Wellcome Hotel Cebu

Refreshingly Filipino Cuisine At Salinas Restaurant

Most people would say I'm a big eater. It doesn't show much but it's true. I eat a lot. Sometimes I eat too much! So weeks ago, when an invitation to dine at the newest restaurant came in, I jumped at the opportunity.

Salinas Restaurant Cebu

Try Kogi Q at Park Mall Cebu

Kogi Q is a Korean restaurant that offers an all-you-can eat and all-you-can-cook experience for just Php 270 per person. I'd have to say that this should be the last stop of your day as much as possible because you'd smell like meat and smoke after! Hehehe! Nevertheless, it's a unique smoky experience.

Kogi Q at Parkmall Cebu

La Vie Parisienne Bakery & Wine Bar

La Vie Parisienne (The Parisian Life) has become a famous go-to place in Cebu. It's mainly a bakery and wine bar along Gorordo Avenue. 

La Vie Parisienne Bakery & Wine Bar

Highlights Bar at Harolds Hotel

It's been more than 2 months since my best friend Beans came over to Cebu to visit (this is a super late post!). And of course, just like any other good friend does, I took the chance to spend some time with him and our group of friends. 

We were all feeling grown-ups so we went to Highlights Bar & Restaurant at Harolds Hotel Roofdeck to catch up and have dinner. It was my first time at their roof deck and I must say I'd totally choose roof deck over any other venue. It's super nice!!