DIY Blog Redesign? Here Are 10 Things To Remember!

DIY Blog Redesign? Here Are 10 Things To Remember!

You have a blog, that’s right. But does it reflect your personality? Does it bring out who you are and what your brand is? You’re planning to redesign your blog but just the thought of it seems so daunting that you’d rather forego it than jump into the challenge. 

I’ve redesigned my blog on my own several times so I know how it feels, which is why today, I’m sharing 10 Things To Remember when deciding to redesign your blog on your own.

If you can hire a designer then that’s good because most likely your designer will do the prep work to get you started with necessary things before diving into redesigning your blog. But if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to hire a designer or even purchase a paid template, then you’re up for a challenge and a test of patience. 

But really, it depends on the amount of work you’re willing to do and the changes you’d like to make. Small changes don’t require that much effort but if you’re like me who want to tweak your blog to your liking then I suggest you go through these guidelines.

1. Look for inspiration but never copy.
Looking for inspiration is quite easy to do but using it to create your own style can be challenging because you tend to just imitate whatever you like or what you see from the internet, which leads to my next point. 

2. Know exactly what you really, really want. 
You wouldn’t want to repeat the design process so many times if it’s not necessary. I tell you, it’s tedious and it can cause a tremendous amount of stress if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Decide on the details. Write them down. What color scheme do you like? Patterns? Fonts? Widgets. Plugins. Every single detail. In other words, write down and accurately describe what you want your blog to look like.

3.  Google is your best friend. 
I’ve pretty much survived so many redesign challenges along the way because of Google. I’m self-taught with HTML and CSS and I’m using Blogger which makes it more of a manual coding rather than drag and drop like what most Wordpress themes have now. 

To tell you honestly, I’ve learned a whole lot just because of doing the redesign on my own. I’ve done things I never thought I could do in the realm of blog redesign and HTML coding. My IT graduate best friend said she wanted to print me a certificate. Haha!

4.  Patience will go a long way. 
Google is also pointless when you don’t have patience to research, read, learn, and interpret. You’ll experience the extremes – either you'll get overwhelmed with which one to follow because there are soooo many online resources or you'll get disappointed because nothing on the web seems to help you with your unique situation. The key is to just keep looking and do trial by error, eventually you’ll find it.

5.  You need time. 
You can never do all the redesigning tasks if you don’t have much time or when you’re pressured because time is running and you haven’t done anything yet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do everything in one day. Tackle each task one day at a time. 

That’s what I did and you know when it’s my nth time to redesign my blog? I did it all in a day or even just half of the day because I already knew what I was looking for and I knew what to do next.

6.  Bookmark all your resources. 
I find that this is such a wise thing to do because the tendency is you’ll still be looking for these same bits of information once you change your mind in the future. Keeping your resources handy will save you so much time and effort compared to researching the web all over again for something that you’ve already seen before.

7. Take a break! 
Redesigning your blog can give you a headache. Remember that you still have a life to live outside your computer. Take a quick stroll, eat, move around, or take a nap before going back to work.

8.  Inform your readers that your blog is undergoing a redesign. 
Of course you wouldn’t want your readers to see unusual and odd stuff while browsing your blog so remember to send them a note maybe through your Facebook profile or page so that they know what to expect. Or you can put up those fancy notices on your blog to let readers know you're doing something great. 

9.  Ask questions from the experts. 
You may be up for the challenge of doing your redesign alone but the good thing is you really don’t have to do it alone. There are people who are willing to help you and answer your questions free of charge. Know who these people are. They might just give you valuable input that will make your tasks easier and faster.

10. Always keep a backup of your blog and your previous template. 
Things can go wrong and they will go wrong if they will.. so better be safe than sorry. During the process, you may break your blog accidentally.

BONUS: Create a test blog. You can practice and work around it first before you apply the changes to your real blog. This way you don’t have to worry about breaking your blog or losing yourself.

There’s no doubt you can go through the entire redesign seamlessly if you just choose to let the experts do it for you but if you’re a beginner with a tight budget or even when you're not a beginner and have budget but want to take the challenge, I hope I was able to shed some light should you want to "DIY" your redesign. 

So are you up for the challenge?  

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