DIY Blog Redesign? Here Are 10 Things To Remember!

DIY Blog Redesign? Here Are 10 Things To Remember!

You have a blog, that’s right. But does it reflect your personality? Does it bring out who you are and what your brand is? You’re planning to redesign your blog but just the thought of it seems so daunting that you’d rather forego it than jump into the challenge. 

Best Cebu Blogs Awards 2015 - Blissful Snapshots Is A Finalist!

I can still recall the day years ago when I told myself that it doesn't matter what I write or post on my blog because no one will read it anyway. Well, not really no one because some of my friends would read it and leave comments too. Fast forward to today, I gained more and more readers and blogger friends and I'm definitely feeling the blogger love! ♥

DREADING MONDAY? Get Over It. Here's how!

Mondays are always manic for most of us, obviously because we're coming from the weekend. I understand that and I'm definitely with you in that ordeal. I do know a few people who love Mondays and I myself have slowly incorporated Mondays into my lifestyle. After all, it's not Monday's fault.

[What's Inside] The Giving Journal 2016

Here I go again with another planner! Last time, I've shown you one of the planners I purchased which was the 2016 Belle De Jour Petit Planner. This time, I'm going to show you what's inside my planner of choice for next year - yep, it's The Giving Journal 2016.

Why Street Photography?

I didn't know that street photography exists. READ: I didn't know it's an official genre of photography. All I knew back then was that I would stare so hard at people and places I saw along the way anywhere I was. In the jeepney. The bus. While walking around or while eating alone at McDonald's or any food place on my way home.

2016 Belle De Jour Petit Planner

It’s time! It’s this season once again when I hunt for the best planners and journals in my side of the world. Time’s running so freakin fast and my creative OC  mind can’t stop thinking about the beautiful planners available around.

2016 Belle De Jour Petit Planner