Thank Someone, Something, Or Someplace Today

Thank Someone, Something, Or Someplace Today

This week, I gladly accepted the challenge from Romeo of Zuprome, my fellow blogger from Cebu Blogging Community, to write 30 expressions of gratitude. I already have ideas to begin my Feel-Good Friday posts but I thought a gratitude post would be very fitting to start this segment. 

So off  I go and listed 30 and in no particular order. This is also not an all-inclusive list. I have a million things to be thankful for.

1. Reiko
Thank for you for being the best part of my existence and for making me realize that my ability to be a superwoman is real.

2. Blissful Snapshots
My creative space that has evolved and changed through the years and has seen lots of redesigns, addition and also subtraction of contents, thank you for sticking with me and for being a venue for me to start something personal and share to the world.

3. My brain
I know you can only do so much which is why I am trying so hard not to exhaust you and tire you. I’m grateful that you continue to supply me with knowledge, ideas, and ability to store as much information in my head as I can.

4. Health 
With the kind of lifestyle I have working on a graveyard shift with drastic schedule changes, going home to a 4-year old waiting for me, and maintaining a blog – I thank my overall health for not giving up on me. Otherwise, I’d be doomed.

5. My job
I’ve had you for almost 7 years! I am so impressed with how you made me to be who I am now and how you’ve honed me to be a better version of myself everyday. I know you don’t pay me that big but I still thank you for putting food on my family’s table and for paying the bills.

6. My CBTL journal
You’re like a dream come true. Thank you for being with me as early as now. I’m so excited to use and abuse you next year!

7. Cebu Blogging Community
Thanks a bunch to the only blogging community I decided to join in. I had no regrets. I met so many wonderful people who share the same passion as mine. Thanks to everyone in this group who made my blogging journey a very productive and fun one. You truly helped me pave the way to more blogging opportunities.

8. Family 
Mom Dad Brother and Sister. Words are not enough. Thank you and I love you.

9. Loyal blog readers 
My blog wouldn’t exist now if not for the people who always come back and check my posts. I can’t thank you enough! You are all a source of inspiration and motivation to me.

Special thanks to Tamara of Tamara Like Camera and Janine of Confessions of a Mommyholic. Ladies, even when I’m literally halfway round the world from you, you always come back here to my blog and never fail to comment on my posts! I super thank and appreciate your effort!! My wish is that someday I can fly to New York & New England to meet both of you in person!

10. All blog visitors (bloggers & non-bloggers)
I’m always surprised when someone from work, a previous classmate, a friend, or a relative of mine say they’ve read my blog and they enjoy reading it. Thank you so much you guys! I know it’s not your nature to comment on blogs but your simple gesture of letting me know offline that you actually read my blog makes my heart pitter-patter!! Seriously!!

So whether you visit, you silently read, you comment, or even when you just cause bounce rate (LOL!!), I still appreciate that you remember my blog.

11. Goddesses 
Thank you because you remained to be my super friends since high school. It’s so tough to get in touch when we all have busy lives but you all make time to catch up whenever you can. Thank you ladies!!

12. XMEN
Thank you for making my university life one of a kind! I will never forget our fun moments together and it breaks my heart to know that we haven’t gotten together for a super long time. Things have greatly changed but I know all of us are still friends. I soooo miss you guys!!

13. World Wide Web
Thank you for connecting people and information all over the world and for making the digital and online life possible. You’re the best!

You never gave me a headache. Not even once. I’d register as many domains as I can with you!

15. Social Media
You’re not just Mark Zuckerberg I know. You are impossible but possible. How did you do this, or that? If you know what I mean. Great work buddy!

16. My trainees  (previous & current)
Thanks for the fun times, for being considerate and respectful, for sometimes sleeping during training and for giving me headaches at times. I have long accepted that it’s part of life. Thanks for unknowingly teaching me a few things I could learn about myself.

17. RCBC Wallet Card
For simply being able to store whatever’s left of my money and for letting me make online purchases as easy as a pie. Thank you!!

18. Pipdig 
You have an awesome support team! I look forward to working with you soon. Thanks for your assistance.

19. Francis Albert
How could I ever forget you? Thank you for reminding me a million times and over that I have so much patience in the world and that I have so much strength to survive this life. You know you love me!!

20. Wonder Forest blog
Thank you Dana Fox for giving me so much blogging inspiration since the first day I set foot on your blog. You’re a superstar!

21. My notebook/journal collection 
Because without you, I wouldn’t have anything to write my personal thoughts on. Thank you for letting me scribble and write on your beautiful pages.

22. My mobile phone with unlimited internet
You have been used and abused so many times. Thank you for not failing me and for doing your job. You’re the only mobile phone I have now so please don’t give up and don’t overheat!

23. Desktop computer
You have almost given up quite a couple of times but you’re still up and running until now which makes it possible for me to create my blog posts. Blogging wouldn’t be possible without you.

24. Brands and advertisers 
Thank you for taking the time to contact me and I’m truly thankful that you choose to advertise on my blog or ask me to write a sponsored post for you.

25. This blog challenge
Thanks Romeo for inviting me to this challenge. Because of this, I have finally started my long standing first Feel-Good Friday post. Happy TGIAF to you!

26. Belle De Jour
I am so happy I’ve discovered you. True enough, you’re not just a creator of planners and pretty things, you’re a great community for empowering women in being the best they can be.

27. Reiko's preschool 
I see so much improvement with Reiko’s writing and social skills.  Thank you for being such a great instrument.

28. My mentors  & teachers
Thank you for imparting your wisdom. I will forever be grateful.

29. Mom-in-law
Thank you for bringing Reiko to school every day and for being friends with his classmates’ parents and teacher – something I’m not able to do because, ugh this corporate life.

30. 1,310 words and counting
Thank you because I only need 1000 words for this post but you exceeded my expectations. If you’ve come this far, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading! #iBlogForCebu #iBlogForCBC #CBCLevelUp #GratitudeAttitude


Write 30 expressions of gratitude to things, people, places, experiences, or anyone and anything. You don’t have to own a blog for this. You can write it on your journal or notebook or maybe cut pieces of paper, write down your expressions, and keep them in a treasure box or bottle. You’ll realize that life is even better when you know you have a whole bunch of people and things to be thankful for!

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