The Jeepney Ride

As many of you already know, I’m quite the jeepney rider commuter. My travel to and from the office is way longer than the time I spend in the bathroom and the time I spend to prepare myself for work.

To be honest, I did a double-take while reading this sign. I was on the front seat of a route 17B jeepney and thought extra hard about what this sign means. Told you I'm a thinker! So what do you think?

But one thing I really like about jeepney riding is that I get to see different types of people on the road and it makes me imagine what kind of life they have and how it is similar or different from mine.

You gotta blame this brain of mine. It’s a thinker! Now for this week's snapshots, I snapped some photos of the people and things I find interesting on my way home, either when I was walking or when I was inside the jeepney. Because the truth is, when you look around you, there’s so much to see that your naked eyes can’t. Okay, I’m not saying I have a third eye (sheesh!).

You know exactly what I mean? Open your minds and your hearts because you’re a part of a larger world. Let me bring you once again to my way home. 

Colon Street

Another to be honest moment, I'm quite amazed of this sharpening machine. Apparently, I always pass by Colon but I'm not sure what it is they're doing, yeah he's not the only one doing that. There's a bunch of them and they sharpen stuff for people using that machine that resembles a bicycle or a unicycle. I once saw a tweezer being sharpened. 

[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride

Buko Vendor

It's a hot morning and this man's selling buko (coconut) juice on the street. I thought I'd grab one but eh, my jeepney was comin' up! 

[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride

Minion Balloons

Reiko loves the minions which is why this lady caught my attention. Reiko would have been thrilled to see the balloons. 

[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride

Early Morning Traffic

Well, because traffic is a way of living in Metro Cebu. I know. It doesn't have to be. But man, this is not even THE traffic I'm talking about. This one's really tolerable. Oh how I long for the advent of flying cars and jeepneys! 

[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride

Fruits on the Sidewalk

They get up very early to earn a living. Take that. 

[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride

Of Bicycle & Water Vendor

This type of scene warms my heart. Again, makes me think of all the hardworking people in the world. 

[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride
[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride

Obstacle Course

And we are almost home! But first, let's go pass by the woods and an obstacle course. A few steps more and we're home. You with me? 

[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride
[Snapshots Saturday] The Jeepney Ride

 I guess I'll leave everything up to you to think of what to think about these photos. 

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