Get Cashback and Coupon Codes with Shopback!

Are you a super-saver or a thrifter who always wants to score amazing deals? Are you a budget traveler who always goes for budget hotels and promos? Or maybe you’re an online shopper who wants to get more value for your money? 

I’m definitely all of the above! These days, I’m truly very choosy when it comes to shopping for my needs and wants. I’m no longer the happy-go-lucky corporate working girl that I used to be when I started joining the workforce. I’m a full-time working mom with so many financial concerns to consider.

So just imagine how thrilled I am to find out about Shopback Philippines. You’ll know from my previous posts that I’ve been doing online shopping a lot lately and even my husband does. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to start using Shopback. 

Shopback has already established itself in Singapore and Malaysia and now making its waves to the Philippines, which I think is a really great move knowing that Filipinos love shopping and scoring great deals. 

I signed up to it using my Facebook login credentials and was directed right away to their home page. And wow, it’s screaming GREAT DEALS and DISCOUNTS!! Since it’s fairly new in the country, I tried to browse through the website and see how it really works. 

This is how the homepage looks. Excited? I am! So read on. 

Get Cashback and Coupon Codes with Shopback!
Look at those popular stores! I was so stoked to see familiar stores. I mean, I’ve already been shopping at Zalora and Lazada and that’s all there was to it – shopping. But through Shopback, you can actually earn money from shopping in a form of a cashback! Isn’t that amazing?

So how does Shopback really work? Let’s see. I did my research and found out.

Get Cashback and Coupon Codes with Shopback!
Aren’t they generous? Basically, they’re sharing with us the rewards they get from the merchants for leading us to their shops. Believe me, I’m so excited right now!

And so how do you actually earn the cash back? Here are 3 easy steps. Just CLICK, SHOP, and EARN! Cashback will be granted to your account within 48 hours. 

Get Cashback and Coupon Codes with Shopback!
Now this has got to be my most favorite part! The travel deals!! I’m planning several trips here and there especially for next year so this one’s really a hit. My friends and I usually check Agoda and now that I signed up with Shopback, I’m sure I’m gonna save more. 

Get Cashback and Coupon Codes with Shopback!

There we have it blissful friends! Here are my key takeaways after looking around the Shopback website.
  • You shop, you save, you earn! It’s like getting a portion of your shopping money back.
  • You truly get the value for your money. 
  • Instead of going directly to the online shops, why not shop from Shopback first to score amazing deals? Great idea. 
So click here to check out the cashback deals and coupon codes they have! I hope you got something out of what I shared today. This is perfect for the holiday season shopping, isn’t it?

Disclaimer: I am not going to receive any commission when you decide to shop through Shopback. All opinions expressed here are completely my own and are deemed suitable for this blog's audience.


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