#Bloggys2015 - Blissful Snapshots is nominated!

It's my first October post! And yep, I'm as happy as you are for this brand new month. I was so sick last week that I couldn't afford to look at my computer for more than 10 minutes, which explains why I only posted once.


I was practically just in bed for 4 straight days, checking the internet through my phone from time to time before my husband would come in to reprimand me for being such a brat. Haha.

Now that we got that stuff out of the way, I'm back to share with you all that Blissful Snapshots is a nominee for Philippine Blogging Awards 2015!!! Thanks to Rose of Mommy Wanders and for anyone else who nominated. If you've followed my blog for quite some time now, you'll know for sure how I love and care for this little slice of heaven in the world wide web.

I may not be a famous blogger and my blog may not be the most popular in the blogworld but I'm very glad to say that I've gained loyal readers who also became my friends. And for that I'm VERY, VERY THANKFUL!!

I can be emotional but this isn't a drama post. Haha! So really, thanks to all of you for being a part of my blogging rollercoaster ride! Wuhoooooo!! I'm really just happy to witness my blog grow and evolve since I first blogged in 2008. I'm excited to move forward, share more and conquer the world in my own right. Lalalahhh!!

I won't make this post too long anymore because I'm just blogging through my phone. Still waiting to have my computer fixed.

Meanwhile, here are 3 quick steps to vote

1. Click this link - http://bloggys.ph/section-1/. 
2. Look for blissfulsnapshots.com from the list of blogs. It's in alphabetical order. 
3. Enter your name, email address, and mobile number (optional). 
4. Click Vote via Facebook. 

They won't spam your emails and mobile numbers. They just need them to make sure the votes are legit. This is open worldwide too so wherever in the world you are, you can vote! ;) 

Before I end, I'd also like to share this space with my fellow bloggers from Cebu Blogging Community who also got nominated and who deserved to be. Feel free to vote. Voting of multiple blogs is allowed! 

Note: You can only vote ONCE per section (i.e. If you have already cast votes in Section 1, you can still cast votes for Section 2-5, but not on Section 1).

Section 1 (A-D)
ablissfulblog.com (Janine Ella Anongos)
alyssanity.com (Myca Alyssa Panghulan)
annescribblesanddoodles.blogspot.com (Anne Macachor)
blissfulsnapshots.com (Rea Alducente) - that's me! 
cebufinest.com (Philip Andrew Mayol)
channelmarie.com (Channel Imperial)
chasingbleu.net (Mimi Gonzales)

Section 2 (E-J)
exoticphilippines.info (Gay Dumaguing)
iamflip.net (Philip Andrew Mayol)
jewelclicks.com (Jewel Delgado)
fueledbycaffeine.net (Melanie Manso)

Section 3 (K-O)
mommywanders.com (Rose Angelie Lapina)
kiatcebu.com (Jephunneh Deon Flores)

Section 4 (P-S)
pinoymetrogeek.com (Cesar Ian Fuentes)

Section 5 (T-Z)
theoddpodd.wordpress.com (Kaye Wolf)
twowaytravels.com (Mary Narvasa)
wander-soul.net (Lou Castaneda) 
vanillahousewife.com (Jhanis Vincentte)

Once again, thanks a bunch for your time and support! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart! ♥


The voting stage is to determine the secondary category winner, which is the "People’s Choice". The finalists and primary category winners will still come from the Jury’s decisions. Voting ends on October 31

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