The Jeepney Ride

As many of you already know, I’m quite the jeepney rider commuter. My travel to and from the office is way longer than the time I spend in the bathroom and the time I spend to prepare myself for work.

Thank Someone, Something, Or Someplace Today

Thank Someone, Something, Or Someplace Today

This week, I gladly accepted the challenge from Romeo of Zuprome, my fellow blogger from Cebu Blogging Community, to write 30 expressions of gratitude. I already have ideas to begin my Feel-Good Friday posts but I thought a gratitude post would be very fitting to start this segment. 

Get Cashback and Coupon Codes with Shopback!

Are you a super-saver or a thrifter who always wants to score amazing deals? Are you a budget traveler who always goes for budget hotels and promos? Or maybe you’re an online shopper who wants to get more value for your money? 

I’m definitely all of the above! These days, I’m truly very choosy when it comes to shopping for my needs and wants. I’m no longer the happy-go-lucky corporate working girl that I used to be when I started joining the workforce. I’m a full-time working mom with so many financial concerns to consider.

#Bloggys2015 - Blissful Snapshots is nominated!

It's my first October post! And yep, I'm as happy as you are for this brand new month. I was so sick last week that I couldn't afford to look at my computer for more than 10 minutes, which explains why I only posted once.