7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

Whether you're a newbie or a veteran in the world of blogging, there will always be times when you feel uninspired or when you feel like there's nothing really worthy to blog about. True enough, starting a blog is easy but maintaining one is challenging especially if you haven't established a system yet.

Quite a lot of people have already asked me how I maintain blogging despite my busy schedule. One thing I can say though is that, if there's a good reason why you started blogging in the first place and if you really, really love it, there will always be that drive to continue even when you somehow lose track at some point in your blogging life.

Believe me. I lost track a couple of times. But I always went back to blogging. So if you feel like you want to quit blogging because there's nothing to talk about anymore, here are some ways to revive that blogging sazz, pizzazz, and razmatazz!

1. Go out and explore.

7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

If you find yourself living inside your computer, then please.. do yourself a favor by going out there and experiencing the world first-hand! You most likely won't have anything exciting to talk about anymore if you're just hibernating. You don't have to spend too much. Or you don't have to spend at all. You can go around your neighborhood and look for something that sparks your interest.

2. Reimagine what your blog is all about.

7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

You may have started a blog without any specific topic in mind. I did that too. Back in college, I just started a blog to rant and post just about anything I wanted. I got sick of all the rants. I wanted something positive in life and something to share with others so I started another blog that would do just that. Of course, it really depends on the purpose of your blog.

For example, ask yourself if you'd like your blog to be just for you or to be for the people around you. If you have a specific goal or audience in mind, you'll be motivated to share more blog-worthy things.

3. Write about something you really love.
Remember what your blog is for. It's so hard to maintain a blog when you're writing about things that you don't even have any idea about or things that don't interest you. Take note, your blog is not a required reaction or reflection paper about things you don't like that your college professor wants you to submit at the end of the day. It is your own reaction or reflection.

A lot of you may have already done sponsored or paid posts and you're not even forced to accept those offers especially if you don't see them fit for your blog and readers. It's easier to keep ideas coming if you write about it because you love to talk about it.

4. Look for inspirations.

7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

You probably have your favorite bloggers or people you look up to in your field. You can follow their lead and allow yourself to be inspired. Just remember that you don't have to copy everything they're doing. Add your own personal touch to your blog. Just because others are doing it doesn't mean you have to do it too. I'm sure you have something unique to offer - whether it's your writing style, your photos, your brand!

5. Consider a blog make-over or facelift.
Maybe you're not inspired to write because you don't like your blog design? It's possible! I've felt that before. I did a couple of redesigns here and there, freshen up my blog a little bit from time to time and make it more "me". You'll be more inspired to write if you love the space you're working on.

6. Join a blogging community!

7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

Blogging doesn't have to be lonely. Expanding your network and engaging with other bloggers is one sure way to be more inspired and to gain support from others. Since I joined Cebu Blogging Community, I've learned so much and was able to meet bloggers in person. I've had more opportunities to join blog events and be part of a community that doesn't put each other down but instead support each other to become their best.

If you don't feel like joining a community or maybe there's none available in your area, at least try to reach out to other bloggers by joining Facebook groups or online support groups. They really help a lot! But of course this is always your own choice. 

7. Earn from your blog.
Bloggers always say that to start a blog with just money in mind may not be the right starting point. And I believe that. In my opinion, you have to love blogging first and then earn from it.

7 Meaningful Ways To Keep Blogging

If you are a newbie blogger, just thinking of starting a blog, or getting into the hang of it, one of the best resources you can find is this blogging tutorial from Start Blogging Online which offers a comprehensive, helpful, and straightforward guideline to assist you with your blogging journey. Go ahead and take a look to be inspired!

I hope you keep the fire burning and keep blogging!


*This is a paid post but the content is produced and written by me. All opinions expressed are completely my own. 

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