Out and About? Stay Safe!

We all want to be safe at all times. Who wouldn't, right? So just last Friday at around 2 am, I was in a jeepney on my way to work. And if you're wondering why the heck I was going to work at 2 am, wonder no more! I tell you now that my schedule is really crazy because of the kind of job that I do. 

Anyway, so there were about 5 or 6 passengers in the jeepney and I was on the back seat just near the entrance when a teenage boy suddenly hopped on while the traffic light's red then after a few seconds, snatched the silver necklace of the girl in front of me, jumped off the jeepney and ran away.

It all happened so fast that all we could do was follow that snatcher with a stare. To me, it wasn't surprising anymore. At that time of the day? That kind of place? Sadly, snatchers exist in almost all parts of the city where I currently live. 

I love this city - except the heavy traffic.. snatchers, muggers, and pickpockets. On the first day when I moved to this city 6 years ago, the very first thing my cousin told me was to beware of snatchers, muggers, and pickpockets. 

When I started working, my officemates told me the same thing. So I believed them. As years passed, I've heard so many stories from friends and office mates who were mugged and I even witnessed some instances myself. 

My officemate and I were once in the jeepney on our way home one night. The only time he took his phone from his pocket was when he had to get his fare but the moment he took his phone out, a snatcher who was seated near the driver's seat ran to grab his phone and jumped off. And again, it all happened so fast that we couldn't do anything anymore. 

There was also once when a snatcher grabbed a necklace from a man in the jeepney I was in, not knowing that the man was a police. It was not even dark yet. It was noon time! That was the only time I know of that someone actually chased a snatcher and brought him to jail - obviously because he barked on the wrong tree. I was glad he was caught. 

My husband was once mugged in a jeepney and the timing couldn't even be better because he just cashed a check and was on his way to work. The muggers had a gun and there was no one else in the jeepney so he had to give up the money and his phone. I was looking for him the entire night with no phone calls or texts from him. He only told me when he went home the next day. 

Thankfully, none of the above ever happened to me. I mean, not yet. But it can happen anytime, even in broad daylight! Of course I don't want those things to happen to me (and to anyone) so I want to avoid them as much as possible. 


If you still have more time to read, here are some reminders I can share to make sure you're keeping yourself and your valuables safe when you're out and about.

1. Resist the urge to text or call inside the jeepney or when walking around. Don't show off your things. You never know who's watching your moves. When I'm alone in the jeepney, I'm still discreet when taking my street photos. It's always a risk so take care. 

2. Keep your money in strategic places. Don't keep everything inside your wallet. I usually keep money in my pocket too so just in case someone gets my wallet, I still have money to go home. And please, don't bring a large amount of cash with you!

3. Always be cautious. Check your surroundings for unusual people with big bags or people who sit really close to you when there's still so much space in the jeepney. These people are trained muggers and pickpockets. I hate to sound judgmental. I'm not saying everyone who has a big bag or who sits close to you has bad intentions. But it never hurts to stay alert.

4. Listen. If you're listening to music while traveling, people would know because you have headphones or earphones. I listen to music through my phone or iPod most of the time. Just make sure that you don't get too carried away. Be mindful and keep your phone in your bag and if you're keeping it in your pocket, watch out!

5. Resist the urge to fall asleep. In my case since I live far from the office, I tend to doze off in the jeepney. I usually hug my bag so tight and try my best not to sleep.

6. Remove your shining shimmering jewelry. Because these are the best ways to attract snatchers.

7. Choose your battles wisely. Snatchers would just leave right away but muggers may have a gun or a knife with them or worse, a whole gang waiting for them down the line. Just give your phone up or any material things with you. I know it hurts but it's much better than them hurting you.

I don't know about the universe but something is bound to happen at some point so when it does, protect your life first before anything else.

Wew, I didn't intend for this to be a long post so thanks for reading! Do you have any other tips to share or experiences we can all learn from? Just leave a comment below!

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