Monthly Flashback: June Musings

A few running around moments and 20 days of working on day shift after, the end of June has finally come. What? Seriously!!! Every time I write these monthly review posts, I feel like the phrase "you have a whole lifetime ahead of you" doesn't apply anymore. Did it ever?

The danger with writing these types of posts is that I never run out of rhetorical questions. I have so many of those in my arsenal. What, when, where, why, how? So before I bombard you with so many rhetorical questions, allow me to let you in on this always personal post of mine. My life in June...

In celebration of my 6th blogging anniversary, I subjected myself to a digital detox. Slight detox. I decided to just let things go and flow but I still managed to post: 
You see I only posted once a week. Not bad, eh? At least I didn't completely abandon my blog on my 6th anniversary. But of course I don't want to do that! ;) 

I enjoyed writing my 6-series posts though and they gave me so many ideas and prompts for future blog topics. 

This month, my goals (which I talked about on my previous post) are: 
  • Bake something. - Better luck next time. :)
  • Prepare Reiko's snacks for school everyday. - This is supposed to be easy. Or so I thought. So nope, it wasn't everyday. 
  • List one good thing that happened for the day. - Another thing that's supposed to be very easy. But nope, I didn't write daily. 
  • Get a new haircut. - ACHIEVED! 
  • Wear stilettos at least once a week. - ACHIEVED! 
At least I wasn't a complete loser right??!! I did achieve some things I wanted to achieve. Heckkkkkk. 

It's been a whirlwind around here. My husband's dad (not his biological father but the one who stood as his guardian while growing up) is confined in the hospital for almost a month now. Almost a month! He's still in the hospital, bedridden, cannot speak and move.. as of this writing. 

So you can just imagine how stressful things are in this house right now, with Reiko being absent from nursery school for 5 days last month because no one can bring him there. I felt bad about him missing school for that long but what can I do? 

Sooooo many things to think about and soooo many things going on until now. I'm hoping we'll come out of these life challenges stronger and wiser. 

I worked on a day shift, training a new hire class. It was a great work schedule! Except that I couldn't bring Reiko to school in the morning. Never had the chance. My July schedule sucks though. I don't know how to make it work. Pffft. 

I've also got a ton of admin stuff to do at work too. That means going home late almost everyday.


And my guiding principles for the month are: 

I leave room in my life for miracles to happen.
I speak my mind clearly and eloquently. My words are kind.
I have an attitude of gratitude. 
Vulnerability is a true sign of inner strength. 

That's it people! How was your June??

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