6 Memorable Places in Cebu

I'm officially 6 years old!!!!!!! Yesterday was the big day.. Yuhooo! 

It's quite ironic that I have less number of posts this month that it is my blog anniversary month. Or maybe not. The truth is.. I've been pre-occupied with work.

It's not that I'm too busy to blog but I do feel like sleeping the moment I arrive home at night. Must be my work schedule. I always need to wake up early and go home late. But to be honest, I'm loving the mini digital detox I'm having this month. It's a gift to myself! 

This week I bring you throwback photos! These photos were taken at 6 of my most memorable places during my first few years in Cebu. I wasn't married yet but I was already a working girl trying to defend my title as Little Miss Independent. 

Here are 6 Memorable Places during my first few years in Cebu. (Photos were deleted from Photobucket, will still have to update.)

1. Skyrise 1 - AsiaTown IT Park

This old building was where I started working. This was also where I first met my husband, no idea at all. After a few years, we moved to a company-owned building that's bigger and better and left Skyrise 1 for good. Skyrise 1 is better now though. It was already repainted with a different color and redecorated with colorful lights that look beautiful at night. 

2. Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort - San Fernando 

This old photo really doesn't do justice. The place is really, really far from civilization. No wonder it's called Hidden Paradise. Traveling to this resort was also scary, as far as I can remember. It was my first ever company summer outing and we headed there via a company-rented bus. The road was long and winding.

It was also where I got my first henna tattoo that I loved so much. This photo-bombed snapshot says it all. Hehe!

3. Kawasan Falls - Badian

I have always been fascinated with waterfalls. Whatever type of waterfalls. I feel that they're very enchanting. When we went to Magic Beach Resort in Moalboal, we didn't miss the chance to head to Kawasan since it's relatively near (but really it's far, you need to hike for I'm not sure how many minutes). 

I was with my friends from work. It was a long, fun walk to the scenic waterfalls. The photos below are the waterfalls along the way.

4. Taoist Temple - Beverly Hills Subdivision

My mother had a photo taken in Taoist Temple many years back. I guess I was still in grade school back then and I remember being very curious about it. When my friends went to Cebu for my "first" birthday away from home, we visited the temple. It was huge!

I always make fun of these photos! I look so I don't know. LOL!

5. Fort San Pedro - Plaza Independencia

When my family visited me in Cebu, I was 5 months pregnant with Reiko. My cousin brought us to Fort San Pedro. It was my first time there and I've been planning to go back but have never been able to. 

Fort San Pedro is a military defense structure, a triangular bastion built by the Spanish government and Cebuanos in 1738 (from Wikipedia). People used it as refuge during the World War II.  It had since been restored to make it look as close to the original as possible.

I love historical places which is why I was giddy when I found out we were going.

6. Mango Avenue

The last one is not educational, historical, and scenic at all. In the industry that I'm working in, you'll always hear people saying "let's go to Mango!" mostly every weekend or rest days. It's where most of the clubs and bars are located. It's the go-to place when people want to have a "social" life or fun night life. 

Before marriage and kid, I frequented this place with my friends. It's a place to enjoy and chill and temporarily forget the stress of work life. I don't even know where to begin if I tell you all the stories I have of this place. LOL. 

This photo below was taken during my birthday.

That's all for the week my blissful friends! What's your most memorable place?? I'm sure there's a lot!

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